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    I thought she was going to be the big winner out of Rore’s pregnancy and essentially have the GD bib sown up from Day 1.

    I knew she was really out of favour when Erwood was getting court time and Lokotui also had moments playing GD.

    On the Pulse announcement post a commenter was questioning “why Mason only got 7% of available court time” and the Admin said they had to manage load. If that were the case though, you would’ve thought it a major injury and Mason would have been permanently replaced?

    Also to al_ex above, yes Poi and Bird should be switched on my Tactix Contract Tiers ha-ha. Oversight.

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    I could be mistaken but I don’t think any SSN team has contracted players next year. They’re still finalising the CBA is what I’ve read somewhere??? So would assume no announcements for any SSN moves either internally or across the ditch will happen until after the final this weekend.

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    Hopefully Mason gets an opportunity to show what she can do somewhere, whether it be at the Pulse or elsewhere. Anyone with any potential normally doesn’t go undiscovered in these days of professional sport.

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    Would’ve been great for Mason to head down to the Tactix to be the third defender..

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    I would expect that any players potentially coming from Australia would have NZ citizenship because there will be no guarantee that the others can get it. Remember Steel had real trouble getting Fisher in for this year and the previous year a player (can’t member who) couldn’t get in at all.

    – Mason, I wondered if there had been some clash of personalities which couldn’t be resolved as well.

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    Stars being named tomorrow according to their FB page

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    She was playing halves in the NNL – cna’t have been too serious ;-)

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    I’m not sure what he fuss is about Mason? She spent 7 months with the Pulse, would have played countless practice games I’d imagine and would have had more than enough opportunities to show her skill set at trainings and yet as has been mentioned, Erwood was brought on more than her towards the end of the season. Perhaps she’s just not up to the level required at this stage in her young career?

    It’s no different to what happened with Savai’inaea, contracted first year out of school and then the following year was demoted to training partner and the Beko league. The year after she was contracted once again before moving to the Steel this year.

    If she is really as good as people think then surely one of the other franchises will snap her up for next season.

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    Nesian you seem to be in the know. Two more spots at the Pulse; big/ known names or up and comers?

    The Stars annoucement should make things a little clearly by the process of elimination.

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    So I’ve gone through the team announcements and this is what I have so far – excuse the spelling if I have names wrong. I hope I’ve got everyone who has been announced.

    George Fisher
    Saviour Tui
    Sarahpheinna Woulf
    Kate Burley
    Te Huinga Reo Selby Rickit

    Aliyah Dunn
    Tiana Metuarau
    Kelly Jury
    Temalisi Fakahokotau
    Whitney Souness
    Maddy Gordon
    Paris Lokotui
    Amelia Walmsley

    Grace Nweke
    Monica Falkner
    Filda Vui
    Peta Toeava
    Claire O’Brien
    Tayla Earle
    Fa’amu Ioane
    Michaela Sokolich Beatson
    Phoenix Karaka
    Sulu Fitzpatrick

    Ameliaranne Ekenasio
    Bailey Mes
    Claire Kersten
    Oceane Maihi
    Erena Mikaere
    Georgia Tong
    Khiarna Williams
    Georgie Edgecomb
    Sam Winders

    Jane Watson
    Karen Burger
    Te Paea Selby Rickit
    Kimiora Poi
    Charlotte Elley
    Ellie Bird
    Samon Nathan
    Kelera Nawai Cacau
    Hannah Glen
    Kate Lloyd


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    Hmm wondering if there might be some movement between the Stars and Steel?

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    @Baller No, the most recent info I heard was last week about Tem and Amelia being signed but this lock down is making information hard to come by.

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    Thanks Nesian. How inconvenient for lockdown to deny us team updates 😉!

    BTW What a signing Walmsley will be. Missed opportunity by the Tactix IMO.

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    Be curious to know if Katrina Rore will be back.

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    I applaud the Tactix for signing local players. They used to be mainly non Tactix area players (apart from Jane and Charlotte), now they sign locals, an people still moan.

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