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  • Maryann
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    Wow Anna Harrison has continued for another season. She did say it was all about personalised training schedules last season so it must have worked for her. So pleased to see Malesala again. :)

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    Good to see Kayla Johnson back. I know she has had a baby but has she played at all since Swifts in 2019? I always thought she had such talent but often didn’t seem to live up to her potential.

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    Ahh the Stars.

    There will be a lot of debate re my thoughts on their Contract Tiers..

    Tier 1: Crampton, Wilson
    Tier 2: Harrison, Hume
    Tier 3: Johnson, MRB
    Tier 4: Fowler, Temu
    Tier 5: Malesala, Mather

    My thoughts. Tier 1 pick themselves. T2/3, I think Harrison or Johnson could be interchangeable. While Harrison’s role is very much as a mentor, I would doubt she’s playing just for love.
    I think Hume and MRB are high on the pecking order and that’s more so because I think they’re the future of the side long term.
    T 4/5 feels like it picks itself IMO.

    Welcome the comments 😂

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    I would put Harrison on T5, sneakily also on the coaching payroll.

    Very good team, like the Tactix and Mystics established connections.

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    Allie, Kayla was playing Premier League in NSW for South Coast Blaze with Krissy Brice & Taylor Davies. I didn’t watch any of the games so not sure what her form was like. I keep meaning to back and watch some games!

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    Baller, Baller, Baller I like your thinking. And a situation I imagine happened when Temepara suited up.

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    This year Stars were hogging all the shooters, now next year it will be defenders! Temu, Harrison, Johnson and Fowler all deserve starting spots – if only one of them would go down to the Magic…

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    Hmmm what’s the delay with Steel?

    Renee Savai’inaea?? Expecting Saunders and Heffernan to stay.

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    Agree @museboy
    Funnily enough, they struggled in the shooting end (towards the end of the season). I thought they were very strong in defence.

    I guess Fowler and Johnson have history with injuries, so maybe it’s not a bad idea being defence heavy. However I feel Temu and Mather may get the brunt end of this.

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    Looks fairly solid to me @WeWood although I think I would have Johnson and Fowler both at T4-T5. Both injury prone and I’m not sure clubs would be fighting over them because of that? I was thinking Hume at T3 simply because teams like to lock in their main players prior to the SF’s being announced as if they are named in the SF’s they then can command a higher tier in most cases. Apart from T1 it’s quite a hard team to pick.

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    My guess with the Steel would be the 4th midcourter not sure they would get Wilshire back, also be looking at a backup shooter.

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    Wow what a TTYL q strong league it will be next year. Mind you it always looks good on paper.

    Magic massive improvement! They look fitter and faster already. Even with Eke pregnant right now lol.
    Stars look pretty strong. Defensive heavy next year including Mather. Two of them will to be getting splinters.
    Mystics gaining Falkner is an embarrassment of riches. They are absolutely stacked with current ex ferns now.
    Pulse look very rough now lol. Hope Miss F can improve her fitness. Can’t believe she is only 26. It feels like she has been around forever.
    Tactix look strong. Kelera adds some height if needed. Move everyone else up court. Good on them for recruiting within their region. But I’m not sure Hannah is a real option. Time will tell.
    Steel! Never underestimate this team. They have Silverferns coach in the making for me.
    Metuarau and Dunn will be fabulous to watch. With the exit of Eke and Kersten it actually brings some stability in the midcourt. I guess they want Mason to slowly develop and not rush her. So I guess that’s understandable.

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    I’m surpised no one on here brought up the topic of Katrina Rore after the announcement of the Stars team. All teams have named their defense apart from Pulse but Rore stated she won’t be heading back. Wonder what path she’ll take now 🤔 Retirement? Aus? UK?

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    Think ppls are hoping Katrina will go to Magic?
    I’ve a feeling Steel might be using there never ending pile of $$$ for the GF here in Aus to finish.
    Pure speculation but Steel could and would.

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    Magic need at WA not a WD/GD so Rore won’t be there.

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