2022 ANZP Pre-Season Matches

2022 ANZP Pre-Season Matches2022-02-04T05:28:13+10:00
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      Without getting into a COVID debate people need to take it seriously, look how it can affect fit healthy athletes in their 20s

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        will hopefully be like 2020 when they effectively expanded the game day team to 12 each week (which personally I think it should be all the time) gives some of the younger players the experience of being with the team week in week out, and not just as training partners (which they could still have) so if for some reason there is illness or injury they are game ready

        Hopefully Sulu comes right soon – and doesn’t impact her for too much of the season (or anyone else)

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          Shannon Saunders is back with the Southern Steel https://www.facebook.com/SouthernSteelNetball/videos/1015835845956306

        Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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