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  • Nate
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    Yeah some long range attempts by Mes but they were not necessary for her to try so many.

    I think Mystcis did okay with a different circle but dont see it as a threat to other teams if Nweke is out.

    Tbh Edgecombe was doing ok until she jigged her ankle. It was the shooters letting the team down big time. Bringing Tong on near the end was a good move finally by the coach.

    Umpiring was questionable, dont think Mikaere deserved that warning, Faulkner is a bit of a Hollywood. So many offsides from the attacking middies that were missed. The stepping and replaying the ball is phenomenal by Toeava and without Nweke she just looks like a league based WA.

    Disappointed that Winders wasnt given the after game interview seeing as shenalways has to do the losing ones lol

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    @Maryanne I’d have to agree with Mcleod. They just lost to the bottom team for a second time without Nweke.Their whole lob the ball in game plan is non existent without Nweke there. I believe Nweke is the second tallest in the league but combined with her vertical from being a high jumper means that she is very difficult to stop. That is why the Tactix and Pulse don’t use that strategy plus their GS’s can actually shoot and don’t have to be right under the net. If she didn’t have the vertical leap she would probably be sitting on the bench because there isn’t much else to her game at this point. That being said I have enjoyed her last couple of games because she is adding more movement and slowly evolving as a player. She herself said she didn’t want to be just a one trick pony.

    I was happy to see her with just one crutch and out on the court after the game, I couldn’t tell if she was in a moon boot but I think a couple of weeks at the least if it is just a minor sprain.

    I thought Sulu was outstanding for the Mystics. I really can’t see anyone else besides her and Jury for that GK position for the Comm Games.

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    Some very different opinions of the game.
    McLeod some of us have to work so can’t watch games.
    Stat’s don’t lie, they were low
    My opinion, love it hate it.
    NZs in trouble, with only a few stand out players, when they all should be.

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    Faulkner seems easily intimidated by defence. I really liked what I saw from Binks when she came on, one to watch!!

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    @nesian yes to a moonboot.
    Agreed with the GK, both are have really consistent and solid year, but to be fair the rest of the GKs wont or cant put their hand up for SF, Stars..Harrison, Taxtics.. Nawai-CaoCao, Magic..Mikaere and Steel..THSB has said before SF isnt for her.

    Great to see Karaka able to run out a full 60mins except for the brain fart at the end.

    Magic will have to play much better in their shooting end against Steel on Wednesday.

    Yep with Faulkner you just need to hold a stretch over her shot and shes done and not being a very tall shooter that is her big downfall.

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    Winders annoyed me a bit, a number of time Ekenasio and Mes were free, but she didn’t pass the ball.
    It continues the ongoing issues of having a WD play at C.

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    I have to say I like Phoenix’s interview at the end and the ownership of her pass. I wondered if it was sheer exaustion/brain fog that caused that. What I’d like to see is the likes of Toeava take ownership of that very silly offside that turned ball over and also Falkner’s refusal to put a couple of shots up in the dying minutes of the fourth quarter.
    She’d been going along just fine and then all of a sudden Mikaere’s lean/hands over put her off at least two which were then turned over. She was senior shooter in that circle and didn’t step up.
    I’m not too worried about Ekenasio shooting stats for that game, it was the first time she’s backed up a full game with another one for some time and she was against a high quality defence. It would have been a good reminder to her about what international level is going to bring if she makes the squad.
    For Ferns GK Jury and Fitzpatrick if Noels is prepared to pick two who are really one position specialists. I know Jury can GD so that might swing it. However Fitzpatrick is going to have to make that fitness standard.
    I think GD is going to be more difficult.

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    Thought that was wrong Magic being allowed to play de Bruin after she played for the Stars the night before. What is this? A league of hired guns? If Tong wasn’t available for a full game then the Magic should have been made to bring up a development player. Why not a team just get in Folau if they want to win a game? Same difference.

    Interesting the result with Nweke not playing. I’ve found myself getting bored watching the Mystics games. It’s all just lob it in near the goal post and Nweke will do the rest. Also a lot of the shooters like Wilson will only shoot when virtually underneath the post. The Mystics didn’t have the answer without Nweke. I believe the Pulse might actually have a good chance if Nweke is still out come knockout time. However I think Nweke’s ankle will have recovered by then.

    The game is very one dimensional in NZ. I think there’s a case to bring in a longer shot like the they do in the SSN. It negates the effect of a tall GS who is just going to post up and then win the one on one leaping/rebounding contest every time. Spreads out the circle more too. If they want more viewership then they need to bring in that long shot. Perhaps even a shot from outside the circle…

    Ian Harkin
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    Really enjoyed watching this Mystics/Magic game.
    I agree @Maryann Mystics have shown they are not a one trick pony. They definitely need Nweke to win this competition, no doubt about that. But it was great to see a moving circle. This game really could have gone either way.

    I was willing the Magic to win. If there was ever going to be a time for them, it was this game. There so many great individual battles happening in this game.

    Ekenasio gives me hope that she’ll be ready for CWGs. I still think she has time on her hands. Karaka is starting to play into some form, which is great to see too.
    A Silverferns back line of Jury/Karaka/Burger is looking really good. Sulu could also be in that starting line up too.

    The shooting circle is still up in the air. I have my ideas, but have to see who plays themselves into form.

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    GS Ameliaranne Ekenasio
    GA Bailey Mes
    WA Georgie Edgecombe
    C Samantha Winders
    WD Claire Kersten
    GD Georgia Tong
    GK Erena Mikaere
    – Grace Namana
    – Simmon Wilbore
    – Eseta Autagavaia
    – Hannah Ridling

    GS George Fisher
    GA Saviour Tui
    WA Shannon Saunders
    C Kate Heffernan
    WD Kate Hartley
    GD Kate Burley
    GK Te Huinga Reo Selby-Rickit
    – Georgia Heffernan
    – Ali Wilshier
    – Sarahpheinna Woulf

    Can I also point out there are 3 Kates, a George, a Georgie, and 2 Georgia’s playing lol :wacko: :wacko:

    Ian Harkin
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    Steel has taken an early lead and is up 9-6 halfway through the 1st Q.

    Ian Harkin
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    1/4 time: 14-14

    Ekenasio 8/8 (100%)
    Mes 6/10 (60%)

    Fisher 10/10 (100%)
    Tui 4/6 (67%)

    Magic fought back well to tie it up going to the 1/4 time break. Good competitive match so far.

    Ian Harkin
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    1/2 time: 26-26

    Ekenasio 15/18 (83%)
    Mes 11/16 (69%)

    Fisher 18/19 (95%)
    Heffernan 4/6 (67%)

    Well, these two teams can’t be split. Once more, Steel got on top early in the quarter, only to see Magic fight back late and lock it up at halftime. Sam Winders playing well.

    Ian Harkin
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    3/4 time: 38-38

    Ekenasio 20/24 (83%)
    Mes 18/25 (72%)

    Fisher 25/26 (96%)
    Tui 9/12 (75%)

    What’s going on here? For the third quarter in a row, Steel has got out to a handy lead, only for Magic to fight back and tie it up at the break. Steel was up by 5 at one point.

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