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      :good: Yup WeWood, haven’t watched game yet but by all reports Bayes is going well (you know me lol final scores never important, it’s how they play).
      As for Dunn over Wilson? With all due respect, no way. Dunn has never shown the commitment to be a Ferns, it’s a privilege and honour. Give me Maia ay day (even if I don’t like her bulldozer effects sometimes)

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        I thought the constant subbing in the Magic/Tactix game by the Magic affected their rhythm. They are stronger this season with Kersten and Mes. Would have been very competitive if Rore had played. They seem a bit inconsistent due to the number of different combinations being run on court.

        I’d have Dunn in the Ferns any day. She’s dominated all her opposition so far and didn’t let Fitzpatrick outmuscle her in the last game. I’ve never watched her and thought her game was affected by conditioning. She’s on for full games with the Pulse except where it’s a blowout. I’ve never seen her lose her shooting stroke in a tight game like Mes and Wilson have. You don’t see Dunn shooting airballs. Dunn is a natural shooter with basketball skills as well.

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          Ekenasio showed how much of an influence she is, and she’s probably only running around 60ish%. She ran really well against one of NZs best GDs.
          Edgecombe surprised me in the first half, but I feel Ekenasio had a lot to do with that.
          I hope they keep ACD, she’d be handy to have on the bench. Her confidence will build over the season, and could push for that starting position.

          Mary-Jane’s pre-match interview was interesting. Anna Stanley pointing out that she was persisting with Edgecombe at WA, even though she’s a natural WD. MJ pointed out that NZ has produced amazing WAs who started off as WDs – I would like to know who she is talking about?
          Sandra Edge – C/WA
          Anna Rowberry – WA/C
          Adine Wilson – GA/WA
          Temepara George – C/WA
          Liana Leota – WA/C
          Grace Rasmussen – GA/WA
          Gina Crampton – WA

          In saying that I feel Edgecomb has potential. One thing that stood out to me that was missing in their game, is the natural touch on the feed. Some of those balls just needed a little air on them. I thought ACD had it, but probably needed more court time to find her feet.

          Mes and Ekenasio are going to be very strong combination. I look forward to seeing this combo grow.

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            im also conflicted with Dunn, her shooting accuracy always seems high and she moves around the circle. I remember an article a while back not long after Dame Noeline took over that was a bit controversial saying she had send home 5 players due to fitness levels, pretty sure Bird and Dunn were included in that. All very well being a good shooter but keeping up with the fitness levels is up the players if they want the black dress. I dont know why that was a controversial move by Noeline either, they are playing to represent a country

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              RMB ‘conflicted with Dunn’ is probably the best description to how I feel as well. Aside from fitness issues referred to many times there could be other reasons at play. I don’t know her, all I know is what I read in the media. Fitness I agree 100% with Noels on that – if you can’t run a full game at full speed for 2-3 days on end then there is no point in being in the squad.
              Noeline looks for leadership from each player – does Dunn provide that? Commentators said several times last season that she needed to provide leadership in the shooting circle during ANZP as she was the most senior player – did she/did she not?
              Maybe she no longer aspires to wear the black dress. If so she wouldn’t be the only player in the current season – think THSR (Steel).

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                Interesting i didnt know that about THSR i just had a quick google. In saying that i guess we all assume all their inspirations are to be SF but as THSR said in the article i read the training is brutal, not that id expect it wouldnt be! Ive watched the Tactix train and was shocked out of how much of the day all their training takes up. netball players careers are so short also by their early or mid 30s (odd exception like Anna Harrison!) they have to start thinking about retiring or they want motherhood. Then theres what they are going to do after netball for a career

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