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  • Maryann
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      The two Steel vs Magic games this coming weekend – Saturday, and the rescheduled Round 5 game on Monday have been postponed at the request of Steel.

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        I’m not surprised, as covid has slowly been traveling down the Islands. Unfortunately it might disrupt their flow but better now than in several weeks before the final rounds.

        Ian Harkin
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          Oh no. I seriously think they should have just got rid of one whole round of games, and just make it a 10-round season. I don’t know how they’re going to fit it all in.

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            At least it gives magic more time to sort the WA issue. Well that and the GK, GD, C

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              Hopefully this marks the end of rescheduled games as most of the teams would have had covid run its course through the teams.

              The one good thing about it is that there is netball to watch on Wednesday nights now.

              I don’t think they will cancel any rounds as that would mean lost revenue for which ever franchise is hosting and I imagine they all really need the money.

              Covid certainly is making things tricky. Those players that have contracted the virus in the last month or so will again be vulnerable come Comm Games time.

              Ian Harkin
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                Stars v Tactix (from round 4)

                Pulse v Tactix
                Mystics v Stars

                Ian Harkin
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                  GS Wilson
                  GA Hume
                  WA Crampton
                  C Reuelu-Buchanan
                  WD Johnson
                  GD Temu
                  GK Harrison

                  GS Bird
                  GA Selby-Rickit
                  WA Nathan
                  C Poi
                  WD Elley
                  GD Burger
                  GK Nawai-Caucau

                  Ian Harkin
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                    1/4 time: Tactix 14-13

                    Wilson 6/7 (86%)
                    Hume 7/13 (54%)

                    Bird 10/11 (91%)
                    Selby-Rickit 4/4 (100%)

                    Good opening quarter from Tactix. They threatened to skip away, but the last 3 goals went to Stars. Shooting accuracy a problem for Hume at this stage.

                    Ian Harkin
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                      1/2 time: Stars 29-27

                      Wilson 16/17 (94%)
                      Malesala 6/9 (67%)

                      Bird 18/20 (90%)
                      Selby-Rickit 9/10 (90%)

                      Amorangi Malesala came on for Hume in that Q and provided a spark. Still falling down in accuracy though. Stars have had 9 more attempts. Both GKs having an influence.

                      Ian Harkin
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                        3/4 time: Stars 40-38

                        Wilson 23/24 (96%)
                        Hume 9/15 (60%)

                        Glen 2/2 (100%)
                        Selby-Rickit 15/18 (83%)

                        We have no idea who’s going to come out on top here. A lot of the stats are very equal. Stars just have the edge at the moment, but neither side looking assured.

                        Ian Harkin
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                          Full time: Stars 56-48

                          Wilson 31/34 (91%)
                          Hume 17/24 (71%)
                          Malesala 8/12 (67%)
                          TOTAL 56/70 (80%)

                          Bird 21/24 (88%)
                          Selby-Rickit 17/21 (81%)
                          Glen 10/11 (91%)
                          TOTAL 48/56 (86%)

                          Assists: Reuelu-Buchanan 22
                          Gains: Burger, Temu 5

                          MVP: Elle Temu (Stars)

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                            Does anyone else think that Gina’s form is slightly down at the moment. Could we see her miss CG?

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                              I’ve thought her form has been off since being named SF captain to be honest.
                              My pick of the attacking mid court at the moment are Earle, Mia Reuelu-Buchanan, Saunders and Heffernan. Will be interesting if Mary Gordon can reclaim her form.

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                                I have wondered why Saunders/Crampton hasn’t been used at Ferns level.

                                Especially when Kersten or Winders weren’t setting the court on fire in the middle.

                                You would think that familial link would be worth trying with the former Steel team mates.

                                I personally don’t see Taurua leaving Crampton out of the CWG side.

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                                  Gina’s form appears to have been well down this season, whether or not its because of Covid which she may be taking longer to recover from I don’t know. She appears to have been well marked by the WD in the last two games.

                                  Reulu-Buchanan has been in very strong form at C, may be determined to get a place in the SF. I thought Poi did a good job in the last game. I felt the first game of the season she was off pace, had one good game then covid intervened but seems to have returned strongly.

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