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  • Maryann
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    Five Southern Steel players side lined with covid – may impact the next round as well

    Ian Harkin
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    GS Dunn
    GA Metuarau
    WA Souness
    C Pedersen
    WD Lokotui
    GD Manu’a
    GK Jury

    GS Bird
    GA Selby-Rickit
    WA Nathan
    C Poi
    WD Elley
    GD Burger
    GK Nawai-Caucau

    Ian Harkin
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    A big win for Pulse today.

    Full time: Pulse 58-41

    Dunn 43/46 (94%)
    Metuarau 13/16 (81%)
    Walmsley 2/2 (100%)
    TOTAL 58/64 (91%)

    Bird 25/29 (86%)
    Selby-Rickit 12/17 (71%)
    Koloto 4/4 (100%)
    TOTAL 41/50 (82%)

    Assists: Souness 25
    Gains: Nawai-Caucau 8

    MVP: Paris Lokotui

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    No wrap up on either Foxtel/Kayo or Netballpass. That’s a shame.

    Tactix’ penalty count and shooting % let them down. Blow out in the last quarter.

    Ian Harkin
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    The 2nd game is underway today, with Mystics hosting Stars. Mystics are up 14-9 late in the first Q.

    Ian Harkin
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    1/4 time: Mystics 16-9

    Nweke 15/19 (79%)
    Falkner 1/1 (100%)

    Wilson 7/7 (100%)
    Malesala 0/0

    Ian Harkin
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    1/2 time: Mystics 32-18

    Nweke 28/33 (85%)
    Falkner 4/7 (57%)

    Wilson 10/13 (77%)
    Malesala 6/10 (60%)

    Mystics have won both Qs by exactly the same score line – 16-9. So that seems to indicate the gap between the teams. Can Stars do anything to change things up?

    Ian Harkin
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    3/4 time: Mystics 50-29

    Nweke 42/49 (86%)
    Vui 4/6 (67%)

    Malesala 14/19 (74%)
    Hume 2/6 (33%)

    Mystics added another 7 goals on to their lead in the 3rd Q. It has been a dominant display so far. Sulu Fitzpatrick in everything in defence.

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    Wilson has the yips again… I can’t believe she has a pretty much guaranteed plane ticket to Birmingham when someone like Dunn who is a flawless shooter could miss out because they can’t complete a beep test in a certain time.

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    Maia is a different player in the ferns. I feel being stars captain is a big problem. But Dunn and Poi should be in the ferns, but bet they won’t be.

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    wonder if wilson will follow gabi simpson’s footsteps and take time away from captaincy? just to relieve some of the pressure off herself and focus on her own game and her shooting

    Ian Harkin
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    A comprehensive win for Mystics!

    Full time: Mystics 68-44

    Nweke 59/66 (89%)
    Falkner 5/7 (71%)
    Vui 4/6 (67%)
    TOTAL 68/79 (86%)

    Malesala 24/30 (80%)
    Wilson 13/21 (62%)
    Hume 7/13 (54%)
    TOTAL 44/64 (69%)

    Assists: Toeava 25
    Gains: Karaka 9

    MVP: Phoenix Karaka (Mystics)

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    So Wow, wow, wow – Mystics defence was on point!

    The Stars play again on Wednesday night, against the Pulse, it’s one of the earlier postponed games.

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    I think Tiana is playing herself out of SF contention this year more so than last, needs to put more goals up for an international GA, and she also jumps INTO the defender a lot and doesn’t get called for it.

    Dunn still going solid but probably can be a bit soft of hands sometimes and moving off her hold too so and allowing the D to come back with her.

    Also prefer Lokotui at WD than Gordon atm.

    Tactix need to change their attacking line up next season, been too stagnant for a few years now to keep playing below par. Poi at WA works but you loose her full court pressure.

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    So good to see Phoenix have such a strong game. The mystics D end is truly Silver Ferns worthy.
    It will be really interesting to see who makes the SF this year. I feel that the selections for D are much easier than elsewhere on the court

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