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    I must be the only one not part of the Nweke hype. I don’t have her in my team, sure she dominates NZ defenders, but so does George Fisher, but Fisher is poor when playing for England. Give me a mobile shooting circle. Get the defenders moving, just like world cup 2019

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    Fisher’s only played a couple times in games for England. I’d hardly say she is ‘poor’ when playing for England. I’m sure she’ll improve when she gets more court time against very physical and tall defences. She’s one of the most improved players in the NZ league in the last couple of years.

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    McLeod, you’re not the only one. I’m not convinced she is ready yet – she does tend to get lost when defenders are getting the balls off her reasonably often and you can see that she doesn’t know the processes to change what is happening. She also gets pinged for pushing off probably more than other shooters but I won’t say she does it more, it’s the way she does it and the defenders (sometimes acting, see Harrison) that gets the umpire involved. Learning how to not attract attention will come but its certainly not there yet. Shooters, no matter if GK or GA have to be able to land longer shots because nothing is more certain that at CG defenders will pile the pressure on to prevent either attacker from standing under the goal. Yes she is strong and solid, foot movement and agility she doesn’t have as yet.
    I think the SF attacking end is going to be a real challenge for selectors, followed by mid-court. Defenders are really stepping up this season so less of a challenge.

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    Harrison is such an actress sometimes… maybe it’s just the way the cameras catch her facial expressions lol

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    I think one strength of having Nweke in GS is if you have a strong GA who isn’t afraid of putting the shots up then it’s a win win – either they double team her and the GA has free reign (and is there for rebounding – not only rebounding but at the height a bloody good bonus!!), or it’s one on one which is where she is at her strongest

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    @mcleod I too don’t rate Nweke skill wise but she is very dominate at the position of GS. I wouldn’t say the likes of Fisher or Dunn dominate the defences despite their high shooting percentages but they use a completely different set of skills and are genuine shooters who comfortably shoot anywhere in the circle. Nweke simply out jumps everyone.

    That being said if Nweke dominates our defenders but we think the international defenders will do much better against her doesn’t that mean that we think our defenders are worse than all the other international defenders? I don’t think that is the case. I think that they too will struggle against her much like they do with Fowler.

    I think if Nweke can pass the fitness standards then she will be going to the Comm Games.

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    Nesian, I had the same thought reading that comment about NZ defenders and I agree with you that they are NOT worse than all other international defenders.

    On SSN’s Centre Circle show on Thursday night they had a segment about strategies needed to beat Fowler. Poolman presented them, and she was the GK for the Giants last year and it’s folk lore here in OZ netty-land that she beat Fowler in the Prelim Final which resulted in Giants beating Fever and heading to the GF. It’s a big job, not just for the GK but for so many other members of the team. It was really interesting given the visuals they used.

    Mannix has beaten Fowler too. Thinking about when, I can visualise the tip by Mannix and the pickup by Weston, it was in the 2020 GF. The commentators are oft saying the GK just has to keep trying to get a tip; one will come….that tip by Mannix was right at the end of the game.

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    This is the squad I’d pick:
    Shooters: Mes, Wilson, Metuarau, Ekanasio (If fit) If she’s not ready, Selby-Ricket
    Midcourt: Saunders, Crampton (IMO she isn’t up to standard but she’s the captain so she’ll be there), Winders, Kersten
    Defenders: Jury, Johnson (She has proved herself in international level), Burger, Fitzpatrick
    Starting seven:
    GS: Wilson
    GA: Ekanasio/Metuarau
    C: Saunders/Kersten
    WD: Johnson
    GD: Burger
    GK: Jury

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    In no way am I saying that I don’t rate the NZ defenders but they do mostly play a different style of defence than other countries. Those countries who consistently man on right in front of a shooter are the ones that Nweke will struggle against unless she has the footwork to get around them without appearing to push off their bodies. Selections will be interesting :)

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    My SF starting 7 predictions
    GK: Jury
    GD: Karaka
    WD: Burger
    C: Kersten (but if it were my choice, Earle)
    WA: Saunders
    GA: Mes
    GS: Nweke (if my choice, Dunn)

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    I actually think Noles is going to have a really tough time picking her squad of 12. It’s really hard when some SF players are having a few form slumps. I think the defensive end is going to be hard to pick we have some really good defenders Atm and especially now Manu from the pulse is sticking her hand up for selection. I think she’ll name Burger as a midcourt and not take either Sam or Claire as they are very similar players. My 12 would be

    Sulu, Phoenix, Kelly, Kristina Manu

    Gina, Kimmy, Shannon, Burger

    Dunn, Tiana, Eke, Mes

    Even that 12 I’m not sure of as I think Claire or Sammy need to be in there. That also leaves out Wilson and Neweke which I’m not sure she’ll do either. Wilson does really worry me though she’s getting the yips way too much but she’ll probably take her over Dunn. Man it’s hard when you have to put the names down like that.

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    Yes agree with everyone. Only the best will go. Obviously being a Nweke fan, even she has work ons to do and I agree isn’t ready for such a pinnacle event. It’s such a shame covid played such huge role in NZ development internationally. But I’m glad that we actually do have a talent pool to choose from. I do trust that Noeline will squeeze the life out of them before Comm Games lol.

    I think it will be Maia, Mes, Eke and Tiana. Just the versatility within this bunch and the interchanges to swing a game could be detrimental for semis and the big guns.

    Midcourt is Saunders and probably Crampton. Can’t name anyone else tbh. Winders and Kersten I have never been big fans of, but I know Noels likes them. Poi, Heffernen, Earle, Mila, Gordan all Knocking at the door.

    Jury, Sulu, Karaka and Burger. All others may get their chance at Fast 5. Would love to see Kristiana, Styth, Burley maybe Temu brought in for this.

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    I think Noels will go with

    Wilson, Nweke, Mes, Metuarau

    Crampton, Saunders, Kersten, Winders

    Burger, Karaka, Jury, Fitzpatrick

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    I don’t get the winders Kersten excitement. It’s rubbish at the magic, both are not international C options.

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    There’s two positions that’s going to be crucial for the Ferns, GA and C.

    A fit Ekenasio would combine seamlessly with any of the top 4 shooters (Dunn, Wilson, Mes and Nweke).
    A fit Mes already has a history with Nweke. I think she’d work well with Dunn, and could combine with Wilson.
    Tiana is very crafty, can get a bit tricky with the ball and shes extremely strong.
    TPSR has international experience. Has played many years with Crampton. She sets up her GS very well.

    We’ve seen in the past, DNT likes her shooters to be able to play both positions. So who knows what she’ll pick 🤷‍♂️

    There’s only 3 players I see as specialist C – Poi, Heffernan and Earle. Maddy Gordon could be an option, and I do like her there. I feel we need some youth speed in this position, especially when we have experienced WA/WDs.

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