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  • Ian Harkin
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    GS Dunn
    GA Metuarau
    WA Souness
    C Pedersen
    WD Lokotui
    GD Manu’a
    GK Jury

    GS Wilson
    GA Hume
    WA Crampton
    C Reuelu-Buchanan
    WD Fowler
    GD Temu
    GK Harrison

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    Disappointing this is clashing with an SSN game.

    Ian Harkin
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    1/4 time: Stars 14-10

    Dunn 6/6
    Metuarau 4/4

    Wilson 9/10
    Hume 5/6

    A bit of a surprise here. Great start from the visitors. Elle Temu on top of Tiana Metuarau at this stage and it’s upsetting Pulse’s rhythm.

    Ian Harkin
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    1/2 time: Stars 28-24

    Dunn 17/18
    Metuarau 7/8

    Wilson 14/17
    Hume 14/17

    Stars maintaining their advantage over an uncharacteristically mistake-riddled Pulse team. Elle Temu continues to have a strong game for the Stars and their attack end is working well so far.

    Ian Harkin
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    3/4 time: Stars 38-37

    Dunn 25/27 (93%)
    Metuarau 12/16 (75%)

    Wilson 17/22 (77%)
    Hume 21/24 (88%)

    Exciting last Q coming up. Pulse drew level late in the 3rd Q, but Stars go in with a 1 goal advantage. Who wins it from here? Perhaps the home crowd can get Pulse home.

    Ian Harkin
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    Full time: Stars 47-46

    What a BIG win for the Northern Stars! Incredible. They were big underdogs today.

    Ian Harkin
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    Full time: Stars 47-46

    Dunn 29/31 (94%)
    Metuarau 17/21 (81%)
    TOTAL 46/52 (89%)

    Wilson 23/29 (79%)
    Hume 24/32 (75%)
    TOTAL 47/61 (77%)

    Assists: Crampton 19
    Gains: Jury 6

    POTM: Jamie Hume (Stars)

    Huge win for Stars holding on in a tense 4th quarter.

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    Poor game to watch. Well done to the stars. They deserved the win. Pulse coach should have subbed off Souness. She turned over the ball too many times. Can’t see the Pulse taking out the championship. Far too inconsistent. Sometimes they play ok, other times they are horrible. Like today.

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    Pulse could have won that. Attacking end was excruciating in last 5 minutes. Nothing for WD/GD to pass to. In saying that, Tiana was great with the clutch shooting.

    A fully fit Gordon is pretty darn good isn’t she. I still wish she played WA more.

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    Souness probably had the worst game I have ever seen her play today. Not only did she turn over a lot of ball, her passes were off target and many times a player up the court and/or in the shooting circle was overlooked and she passed back. I seriously wondered if she had an eyesight issue. She should have been replaced.

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    Hume had a great game, one of the best I’ve seen her play.
    As above, Souness was extremely off and I don’t understand why a Pederson At WA and Gordon at C wasn’t put on to replace her.
    I thought the umpiring of offensive contacts was good, it’s time our attackers clean up on this!

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    I also thought the break down for the Pulse was happening in the attacking midcourt. I’m hoping Gordon is able to build up more courttime as she had a positive impact at C.

    Arguably the Stars should be one of the strongest teams with the fewest court changes from last season. We need to see Crampton, Wilson find their stride.

    Looking forward to seeing Ekenasio up against Karaka tonight.

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    @Maryann I agree with Souness, very uncharacteristic game from her. The whole attacking end struggled because of it. I wonder if covid is becoming a factor with some of these players?

    Thought Hume played well. Showing flashes of why she was picked for the Ferns but needs to be more consistent.

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    Souness wasnt playing her best game, do they lack WA? Gordon seems more a C/WD and shes on limited time, Pedersen looked to have her knee heavily strapped too.

    Hume was defintely a well deserved MVP but needs the % a bit higher, Wilson seems to do that arkward right under the goal post and looks to arch her back making her miss. Dont know why she has to get in a over physical battle with the GKs too doesnt work in her favour…

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    @RMB yep Wilson still doing her awkward shot, her shot is so much more fluid the further out she is, and her yips did creep back in at the back end of the match when it was close. Hume did miss like 3 shots at the end but did rebound them so maybe her % wouldve been a tad higher, but that’s the most consistent she’s played in a long while and took the pressure off Wilson and got the better of Manua.

    Love Stars defensive end, when it’s works it works.

    Yep Souness struggled heaps this game, even of they benched her for a little bit just to help her refocus? But Fowler, Johnson and MRB all did a solid job on shutting down her drives, and when her drive and speed get cut out of her game not too sure what else she has to offer?

    Good to see the shooters pinged for offensive contacts but they were really soft compared to what they usually do with the argy bargy lol

    Anyone else see the umpire at the bottom high pitch voice tell the floor towel girl to hurry up, bit rude and uncalled for. Still questionable why they’re using towels on other people’s sweat, doesn’t seem very safe, they should do like SSN and use those mop things.

    I love watching Kiri Wills on the coaching camera, she’s so like she’s just watching the game on the TV, like the rest of us yelling or cheering, great coaching personality too, not too domineering but gets her point across and positive when it’s warranted.

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