2022 Cadbury Series

2022 Cadbury Series2022-05-20T14:11:44+10:00
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      I feel there was a few combinations not used in the Cadbury series, on purpose.
      Yvonne Willering did an interview on Sky Sports. She did mention that she asked DNT why she didn’t use certain combinations, DNT responded “nah we’ll save those for the games”.

      I think running Sulu at GD, was a distraction. I also think she purposely didn’t run Johnson at GD, as she didn’t want to show her cards.

      We never saw Heffernan/Souness (C/WA) combination. I think that could be something to see.

      There’s still a lot of mystery around this team. I feel DNT only showed the world a glimpse of what they’re capable of. The question is whether this will bring us gold?

    Viewing 271 post (of 271 total)
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