2022 Commonwealth Games – Day 4 (Aug 1)

2022 Commonwealth Games – Day 4 (Aug 1)2022-08-01T18:42:30+10:00
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      @Enozlas – Price isn’t even in the UK any more. A couple of days ago she was in Amsterdam with Temu and Reulu-Buchanan and Holly Fowler. Once the teams stepped into the CG complex that was it. Why they would continue with a player under injury is a bit strange, particularly if it is calf which can take such a long time to repair.

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        There is an article on the courier mail (by Erin Smith) that says Wood is under management for a knee injury.

        Given her season with Lightning when she was off and on court and known to have a knee injury it’s hardly surprising.

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          Of course Hadley balances the team better than Price. Whether Price was the correct selection as the reserve is a different question. I think we’d all agree a fit Price playing full games in C during the rounds resting her teammates is better than an injured player.

          But that isn’t possible.

          Hopefully Hadley’s calf injury is not as serious as it appeared.

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            Great great great so we’ve taken two players under injury cloud with us. Perfect.

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              I’m fairly comfortable with what Australia has a back up.

              If Hadley was 60/40 good to go under management, I would have still taken her, even if Proud was the reserve.

              Re: Wood, she has been managed for a long time now. She is looking pretty good so far and I am not sure any of the shooting back ups would have been better.

              Wallam, not a great fit to cover GA. More broadly Dwyer? Maybe, but would have been a big ask given she hasn’t played with any of the shooters. Garbin? No. Glasgow? Not yet.

              Koenen is having a great tournament. If Wood needs to come off, I like the switch up with Bueta at GA and Koenen in GS. Austin and Koenen are also serviceable.

              My biggest question mark is Moloney at C. But she has done well at WD, and she ie at least steady at C, no crazy turnovers so far.

              Watson at C could be handy, with Austin at WA. And the same with Braz in C.

              There are so many options.

              I remember in 2007, Gilsenan injured her ankle quite badly and made it back for the final and played 3 amazing quarters. She said she was woken up every hour or two to ice it, but they got her there. Fingers crossed Hadley is able to have the same recovery.

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                    After watching the Ferns game, I feel like they were instructed to play the ball to circle edge first. It looked intentional in the first half. There was no dangerous balls going into Nweke.
                    In the last quarter, they were pretty much firing it in from anywhere.
                    Their zone defence was great to watch!

                    Interesting that Diamonds and England are carrying some injuries. This could have the Ferns (maybe, who knows ?‍♂️) if they took an unfit Ekenasio?
                    I guess we won’t know til the end, on how this affects either teams.

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                      TB I thought the exact same thing! Seemed like Nweke was open a lot but they always made sure they hit circle edge first. Seemed very deliberate.

                      My outside chance is Jamaica.. if they can string 4 quarters together I think they’re a real chance at creating an upset.

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                        Looking at the statistics, New Zealand have made the fewest errors of any team so far. It will be interesting to see if they can keep their turnovers low and their rebounds high against England.

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                          I feel like ferns played at 70% today. I really don’t know what to make of things. I feel they could squash England by 15+

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                            Just watched the Malawi vs NZ game.

                            I think they’re building into their game plan nicely. Not as polished as Australia. But good stats and low turnovers is all we can ask for. After seeing the updates and scores earlier today I was relieved. Slightly nervous checking the final score, thought Malawi might get their tails up again. Luckily that wasn’t the case, infact we won all 4 quarters which is great.

                            Karaka, Saunders, Johnson, Sulu and Mes are weaknesses. Didn’t do anything spectacular, which is fine. But they have to pull finger against T&T. We need them to step up big time, going into the England game.

                            I’d like to see the moving circle feature tomorrow morning. Haven’t really seen it yet with success. I’m think Maia and TP could be it. Definitely not Mes, she can stay in WA IMO.

                            Jury, Nweke, Heffernen, Crampton, Souness excellent on attack. Souness needs to perfect her feeds. You can’t lob on the circle edge and miss your target. She did it twice with Nweke and Maia. We can’t afford from now on.

                            Otherwise good hit out, on to the next game. More improvement would be the doctors order.

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                              I agree with ‘more improvement would be the doctors order’!

                              Watching the Nz game delay only now , I have some trepidation about our game against England 🙁
                              Nz seems to be lacking energy or vibrancy I think. Hope there is still some cunning tactics to be used against England or else I fear we will be getting bronze ….

                              The umpires microphone’s were quite loud , I suppose so all the players knew what the calls were but a bit overpowering

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                                Wilsons carrying a knee niggle so not sure if thats why she only played one quarter today.

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                                  Greenasgxld, yes thanks, word is we’ll now get all the games. Seems like it was worth everyone complaining about it on Twitter! Games beginning to hot up. Agree with whoever said England not as cutting edge as before…missing Serena and maybe Cobden, and 2 of defenders no longer at their peak. Wish they’d taken a chance on Fadoji who can be a game changer, Serena style, rather than EOB.Reckon on lots of retirements after CGs…

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