2022 Commonwealth Games – Day 5 (Aug 2)

2022 Commonwealth Games – Day 5 (Aug 2)2022-08-02T18:47:21+10:00
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      For the Ferns I would start:
      Selby-Ricket/Wilson (I don’t mind both)
      Souness/Heffernan (Was honestly a bit skeptical of Heffernan in C when I saw her in cadbury series but she seems good there now)
      Johnson/Heffernan (This is quite interesting- Noels has alternated Johnson and Heffenan as the starting WD and I really think Johnson is starting to get into some form but Heffernan has been good too! If Noels continues alternating then Johnson will likely start.)
      Karaka (Stats wise Fitzpatrick has better stats than Karaka but Karaka is the natrual GD and should start)

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        Bit of a streaming hack for those complaining about the ads (I hate them too). I’m not sure if this is actually going to work for anyone else but it’s worked well for me so far so might be worth a shot.

        If you’re using an actual google chromecast to watch on your tv, once you cast it to your tv from the 7plus app quickly open the google home app on your phone and go to the stream from there.
        You can then quickly move the video forward a few minutes (in the google home app) and somehow it confuses the 7plus app and it doesn’t play ads… I have no idea if that’ll actually work or be helpful for anyone else but the ads were killing me and now I don’t have to deal with them and it’s much more enjoyable!

      Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)
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