2022 Commonwealth Games – Day 7 (Aug 4)

2022 Commonwealth Games – Day 7 (Aug 4)2022-08-03T19:46:20+10:00
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        Mcleod I have to disagree with your comments on Johnson! If you compare the stats, both Johnson and Karaka sit on 6 gains each, with both having 2 intercepts but Johnson has 9 deflections compared to Karaka’s 4! In fact, Johnson sits second in the Ferns team for deflections! I don’t think it’s fair for you to say she offers nothing when she is clearly getting hands on ball for her team.

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          What would NZL fans consider to be an acceptable result? It feels like the majority of supporters are pretty patient and aren’t really concerned about the Ferns form and lead up to the Games. Would a Bronze or 4th places finish be considered ok? I feel like the Diamonds will get a lot of heat if they don’t win Gold.

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            With NZ I’d say a medal of any colour will exceed the initial expectations, Noel’s has said that its a lead up to NWC where they’ll be all guns firing.

            4th is not a disgrace with the level of competition and their squad strength. Its a better result than last games.

            I personally always find that NWC is a much higher accolade than CWG out of the 2 main tournaments.

            If it wasn’t for covid the rankings would be different I reckon. Aussie would not be number 1 as having lost the last two major events. England would prob be 1. NZ could be ranked 4th even though their reigning WC. So a 4th place wouldn’t be below their actual ranking?

            Anything other than gold for Diamonds would be trashed by Socials. Real netball followers wouldn’t be so shocked as they know the strength of the top 4 team atm.

            Surprising how the gap has opened back up from 5th through 7th? Yes SA were missing a few keys but they didn’t look competitive. Malawi and Uganda were competitive but couldn’t sustain.

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              Diamonds are already getting thrashed on social media for losing to Jamaica. People are acting like it’s a big surprise, but in reality a lot of people on here tipped it happening.

              Either way, I’m sure there will be a big post-mortem focussing on the imports in SSN again. There were a few articles today criticising Bruce for not beating Fowler despite training on her so having the intel, but I thought that was amusing as Fowler also trains on Bruce so she has intel too!

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                That’s like people thinking the different rule changes in SSN only affect Australia. Well, quite a few top Jamaican and England players play under exactly the same rules. Doesn’t it affect them too?

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                  Fearless Sunshine Girls coming of age after epic win over Australia

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                    Yep for sure imports will be a huge talking point either way. If Aussie win gold then see we have the best league in the world and doesn’t matter the amount of imports. They lose and yes there’s too many and the reason why Jamaica and England have become so much better (which isn’t far from the truth).

                    Just because someone trains against them each week doesn’t mean they can get the better of them, right? Everyone knows to shut Fowler down you have to shut the feed down because no defender can match her for height. FYI I’m not a Bruce fan at all and agree with previous comments about her reactions and behaviours.

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                      I’m still expecting the Ferns to take gold, or be in that GF. I have bought completely into DNTs selection process, fitness standards, her general coaching etc. So for me, anything less than making that GF is a fail. Btw that’s not down playing or taking anything away from Jamaica or England. I just rate DNT so highly – so I expect high results.

                      I was utterly disappointed with that game against England. But I still think the Ferns haven’t hit their straps yet, and I’m expecting it to happen in these next two games. Finals is a whole new ball game.

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                        Interesting that Crampton struggled on the feed to Nweke, led (if not, very high in the stats) feeds/assists in ANZ, but was very hesitant to give the ball.
                        The combination between Souness and Crampton not quite there either.
                        I have to say, there was a few selections of Noels that I didn’t agree with, two that have proven me wrong are TPSR and Heffernan.

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                          @TB I love the optimism. I still believe this team can medal. If they can get past JAM, then I could care less about the the gold medal result, because they’ll be walking away will a medal around their necks. More than what most people expected- Jamaica are on an incredible high, and have all the momentum.

                          Australia have the most to lose now, honestly. I think humbling themselves and realising bronze is a prospect and that’s okay- and they only need to look at NZL disaster of a campaign last time round.

                          I’m predicting: Either NZl and Aus final/ with Aussie taking gold
                          Jam/ England Bronze: Jam shocking England in the final

                          Or rematches for both teams only Eng/NZ gold while Aus/Jam battle for bronze.

                          I’m being a bit too opmistic about the ferns chances huh ?

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                            You have to remember that this tournament is a marathon not a sprint – i mean this in the sense that careful pacing is required. If you empty the tank in pool play, you can’t give 100% in the knock out stages when every single game is truly a must-win. People keep saying you should always aim to win every game, as if the ferns and DNT didn’t try. They bloody tried but they had a game plan and a limit on what they were willing to give within the context of a pool stage match – may be that’s how many minutes each players were put out on court or a limit to a certain strategy of play. That’s because humans have a finite amount of physical and mental capacity they can expend over a 9-10 day tournament, so yes, you do need to sometimes rest your best player if you think they will become exhausted because muscle takes time to recover. In the knock out stages, your priorities do change, so yes, you keep pushing them harder because conserving energy for the next game is a lesser priority. And that’s why the fitness standards are important… B-)

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                              I think this statement in the Stuff site article by Taurua indicates her game plan and thinking ahead of the Jamaica-NZ semifinal. She had the advantage of knowing who the Ferns would end up playing against in the semis:

                              “I think playing in the Cadbury Series against the men, NZ A and mixed actually sets us up nicely for this [against Jamaica],” Taurua said.” ReferrIng to the height of the Jamaicans being similar to the mens height.

                              Anyway unless Jamaica come out flat I’m predicting a win to them against NZ. Rob Wright has clearly had an influence on their mental mindset. Usually they would have crumbled after losing a big lead. They didn’t against Australia. I also think Francis/Wright out coached Marinkovich. There didn’t seem to be enough subs in that game for Australia. I’m predicting a comfortable win to the diamonds against England.

                              I didn’t like Taurua’s selections from the start. Gordon would have been a much better option than Souness at C and Gordon is better at WD than Johnson. Souness played like she wasn’t used to C in the Jamaica game. It was like when Watson was made to play C at NWC. Also I would have taken Ekenasio along even if she wasn’t making the fitness standards. Or alternatively I would have not taken Mes and Wilson and taken Metuarau and Dunn as an option to Nweke and THSPR.

                              NWC isn’t the pinnacle event. It’s level with comm games. It’s all the same teams. Just hope we don’t get any statements like ‘ we knew we wouldn’t win, we were just practicing for the NWC…’
                              Anyway bring on the games tonight! I stand by my prediction Australia, Jamaica, England, NZ?

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                                Having coached in NZ and Australia Rob Wright has the knowledge to really assist Jamaica, and it’s showing. We have to remember that one of the defensive SF combinations is the Mystics defence end and he’s their assistant coach. Likewise Nweke at GS.

                                SM has had a real media bashing after Australia’s loss to Jamaica. I know the comments already been made above about waiting for people to say that SSN has had an impact but I agree with those that say it has. After all both Jamaica and England players have benefited from playing in the SSN against the Diamonds and its certainly showing which makes it increasingly hard for Diamonds to put up anything new. Jamaica would have gone into that last game knowing that the Diamonds D wouldn’t be able to match up on Fowler, thats a massive boost before a game even begins.

                                I’ve expect Jamaica to take Gold or Silver since before the games began, although I was a little unsure about their midcourt, and I’m still expecting them to.
                                As a NZ’er I would accept a fourth placing at these games, its not as though everyone isn’t giving the best they can.

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                                  4th is a unacceptable performance, bronze slightly less unacceptable. Surely Noel’s knows now Maia is not a GA, and what’s the go with Bailey Mes. Is she a GS or GA or WA or none of them. We seem to have 3 shooters, 3 circle D and 6 middies. Why???

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