2022 Commonwealth Games Semi Finals – Day 9 (Aug 6)

2022 Commonwealth Games Semi Finals – Day 9 (Aug 6)2022-08-06T11:52:33+10:00
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  • Siouxsie Que
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      Congratulations to Jamaica and Australia. Should be a fantastic match tomorrow. I do hope the umpires set the tone earlier – the aus/eng game was too rough and should have been reined in. Player safety is important. I do think Aus needs to change the line up tomorrow – hope Klau isn’t injured as I would prefer to have her matched up on Fowler. Fantastic game from Bueta with great support from Wood. Maloney and Braz with much better games – in fact Maloney was super steady for Australia at both ends. So surprised that the coach took Housby of and even more surprised she didn’t start with Cardwell.

      I can’t see NZ beating England. For Aus to beat Jamaica it will depend on SM making the right calls – the Jamaica game plan is clear and I don’t see the Jamaicans tiring (they are Energiser bunnies!) so it will come down to when to inject fresh legs for the Aussies.

      I have to admit I would love to see Jamaica win and suspect the English crowd will be behind them.

      Peter C
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        Good win by the Diamonds, but Jamaica’s defenders will try and shut down Bueta and take away the fast scoring we saw today. A lot of long arms all down the court reaching for intercepts and tips the Diamonds will find any hesitancy in passing the ball will lead to Jamaica smothering them. Hope I am wrong, but the goals will be coming thick and fast with Fowler tossing them in from her height advantage over all defenders.

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          I think Australia’s best chance at winning is well-times subs to keep the legs fresh and Jamaica thinking. But this also depends on the bench being able to come and fit in seamlessly which may be difficult considering some of the minimal court time they’ve had and some jitters as a result.

          Avatar photoIan Harkin
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              Deeply confusing and deflating game. Can’t help be frustrated thinking about how things might’ve differed with some more consistent umpiring to regulate the physicality as many people have mentioned, and more rational coaching decisions from Thirlby. Not necessarily to automatically change the final result – Diamonds definitely played better today, with Bueta, Moloney and Braz particularly clearly outplaying their opponents today and big credit to them.

              But it was impossible for Roses to get any momentum to overturn the deficit when they were being constantly whistled out of the game and really obvious calls like held balls and offside were being constantly missed, very stop start. An immediate caution to Metcalf for delaying play? Will have to rewatch on TV but in the arena it just looked like she was standing there rather than doing anything in particular. However, also no one for England really coming up with the magic turnovers in the first place, everyone so hesitant in attack, no one pushing forward to create plays etcetc so…

              Cannot understand why Harten wasn’t subbed off earlier – looking to pass off by default instead of looking to post and the constant passing around induced a fair few turnovers. All her trademark ‘shoot from anywhere’ and hustle for the ball we’re used to seeing completely non-existent, and I think today was the longest she’s played in any game for the whole tournament? Strange time to gamble. I guessed they wanted her on for her experience and to inject Cardwell in for some extra impact and energy to shift momentum, but way too late. And then taking Housby off for ages too when she was the main one shooting.

              England desperately lacking a playmaker/attacking line in the midcourt for when Metcalf gets shut down. Never has Guthrie’s absence been so clearly felt. Malcolm looked really hesitant with letting the ball go, the crowd were constantly holding their breath and sighing in frustration.

              At the fan park now and all the Diamonds’ friends and family are gathered round waiting. Gretel, Ash and Stacey’s kids have supporter shirts with their surnames on and are running around and collecting rocks together. Adorable!

              Hoping for a good close final tomorrow, hoping Jamaica have their moment and the Diamonds aren’t too spent from today’s v physical game.

              Avatar photoIan Harkin
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                Avatar photoIan Harkin
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                    I’ll support the Ferns through everything but fmd I can’t wait to have our best players in the side ?

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                      If Mes was not injured, then is she either not wanting to play, or not good enough to get on court.

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                        I can not work out why Mes was not played in either of the last two games, particularly the game against Jamaica. While her shooting may be off at times, the experience and stability she brings to the attack end of the court is massive and she certainly knows how to feed ball to Nweke. I’m pretty sure Wilson only played a feeding role in that final quarter, mind you the game was well gone before then.

                        I haven’t seen the England/Australia game yet, have to wait for hubby to watch the All Blacks game first 🙂

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                          Watching Taurua’s interview on the Ferns Instagram she seemed completely disheartened. The concerning thing is these losses against the Top 4 is showing there’s actually a big gulf between the Top 3 and NZ.

                          For tomorrow’s game we need to try something different. I can’t believe I’m saying it but is that Mes to start at WA? I don’t understand how we haven’t seen Johnson in GD considering she seemed to be first choice GD for the Quad Series.

                          As for the post CWG postmortem:
                          Bring Ekenasio back in. TPSR has probably played her best Ferns netball in years, but I wonder if Metuarau will be picked and given clear direction they want 15+ goals a game from her. They will back Nweke and retain Wilson. However I would love to see what Dunn could do in the Ferns environment.

                          Heffernan is the only midcourter I would keep at the moment. I’d say to the other three to have a good summer, don’t look at a netball and come back refreshed and have another crack next year.

                          Defensively it would be the same message to Fitzpatrick, Johnson and Karaka. Give Temu, Manu’a and Burley debuts and say see what you can do in the black dress. Jury retained.

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                            This is perhaps an unpopular opinion but I think Dunn’s game suits the international scene much better than Wilson’s. She’s so much more steady on the shot and more consistent in general. She’s really been the victim of Taurus’s pedantic fitness standards, which to be honest seem unfairly enforced. Have Nweke and Johnson actually shown better fitness for their positions in comparison to players that have been excluded?

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                              Bueta was unstoppable last night but as we know Sterling can absolute shut her down and out and I back her to do it again tomorrow. Unless there are injuries as the rumors suspect SM must give Klau a go, Bruce has been an absolute mess the last two games with her attitude and is frazzled and throwing balls away. I suspect she will start Bruce but in that case start Aryang and give the known combo a chance to settle in and make an impact outside the circle. Our biggest concern is we actually do have depth across the court but a coach that doesn’t seem to know how to use it.

                              Much better performance by the diamonds, but I do think the England team got a bit of a reality check last night. Lots of fire power in the shooting circle but nowhere near the skill or depth in midcourt or defence that is needed for them to be more successful. Who is Mentors replacement? EUB is not it and both would be near retirement. They lack a dominant C/WD, Clarke has always been a mainstay and she’s solid but she’s not a game-changer and she’s also near retirement. Malcolm needs to be developed as their WD and they need to find a C/WA backup asap for NWC.

                              I think Taurua has done the best she can with the squad she’s got.
                              Unfortunately it seems too many of the players dominate against the NZ style (Souness, Nweke, Jury etc) but really struggle to translate that dominance to the national stage against other styles.
                              That’s the big difference between the players they had available and the caliber of Watson/Burger/Eke etc who weren’t available/fully fit.
                              The silver lining is you may very well have your next Laura Langman in Kate Heffernan who has been an absolute star for her debut tournament and will only continue to grow.
                              I’d be super excited for NWC with a backline of Watson/Burger/Heffernan.

                              There’s something about this team and I think it’s theirs to lose at this point. Everyone focused heavily on the other three countries but Jamaica look the most collected as a unit that I’ve ever seen them and it’s paying off. Very little depth but a starting 7 you’d absolute back in for the game. I just can’t see Australia having the confidence in attack to play as freely as they did against the mentor/guscoth combo and it’ll work heavily in the sunshine girls favour.

                              As an Aussie I am more than ready for a Jaimaican gold medal, it’s time these tournaments were shaken up and less predictable and this Comm Games is hopefully just the start.

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                                Rewatching the ENGvAUS game this morning. I’m about 20 minutes in, Australia is up by 7, and I think so far Australia have had far more contests called as contacts. Obviously not as much can be seen on the TV as in person, but I don’t think different umpiring would have helped England much.

                                I’m assuming the gold medal match will have at least one of these umpires, and I’m a little worried about Bruce. She attracted a lot more whistle in this game than in the pool match against Jamaica with the same umpires.

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                                  England got whistled out of the game, not that that’s why they lost. Can’t believe those two nz umpires let so much rough play go. They never do that in the NZ games. Particularly the male umpire who didn’t seem to be up to it. They seemed to call everything for Australia too. Ignoring the elbows and arm locks of Bruce on her opposite. Cardwell went flying a couple of times – and no whistle.

                                  Can’t understand why Thirlby left off Housby for so long. She’s one of the best GA in the world at the moment, and left on the hobbled Harten.

                                  Will be a great contest tommorrow between Bueta and Sterling. Be interesting to see if the Diamonds try lobbing those high balls into Bueta over Sterling.

                                  I think it will come down to who keeps their composure. If it’s those two nz umpires again it’s going to come down to how they call the game as well.

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