2022 SSN rumoured signings/speculation

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      Bassett has been very vocal about her issues with developments in Australian netball and she has a lot of people who strongly defend her, but I think that time after time her critics have been proven right in the last few years. Many people on this forum and on other social media platforms said that JFitz should have lost her job last year because she prioritised the moving circle. They replaced Bassett with a rookie this year and they almost won the premiership. People are now blaming imports and the two point shot for Bassett not getting a contract, when realistically no team would have recruited her even if there were limited imports. It doesn’t seem like she even got a contract in NZL, or if she did she rejected it. She says she wants chances to prove herself, but realistically she hasn’t done that and she’s not willing to step down from SSN level to do so. This is professional sport and I think she needs to take more responsibility and go looking for opportunities. Players move clubs and leagues for court time, just because she was captain of the Diamonds a few years ago doesn’t mean she’s immune from doing that as well.

      As for her being good enough to make the Diamonds squad but not good enough to make an SSN squad, I think a lot of questions need to be asked about whether she actually is good enough to make the Diamonds. I’d have Dwyer over her any day of the week.

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        Agreed al_ex. Bassett is far from when she was at her best and that was back in 2015. You can defend her and say that injury hindered her performance but let’s look at 2019. IMHO Watson was winning most of the battles between them. I would pick Garbin, Koenen, Dwyer and Glasgow over her. All offer something different and can change up their game compared to Bassett’s hold.

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          I mean this with respect – but Austin’s injury allowed for Dwyer to get court time and shine. Had she not have gotten injured, Dwyer IMO would not have seen any court time (or very little).
          I don’t feel Giants would have made finals, had the shooting circle stayed Harten/Austin. Dwyer was the key for them making it. Dwyer partnered with either Harten or CBass, and they would have made finals.

          I’m not trying to discredit Austin or Harten, they are both good solid players. But Julie Fitz, having to be forced to use Dwyer worked out for her. Let’s be honest, her decision making over the last few seasons have not been good. This forced decision was probably the best thing to have happened to her (both for the team and her coaching career).

          I do agree that CBass has to take “more responsibility and go looking for opportunities”. She needs to get her injuries fixed, proper rehab, and then start building from there.

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            Going back to 99 – I actually think Liz was pissed that Borlase (the real saviour of that game), made the team over Cox. Cox had a decent lead up to the 99 World Cup and Borlase was so/so against England in the tests.

            McMahon and Delaney deserved their spots.

            I feel for Bassett but I think the way she left Giants has not done her any favours. She will go down as one of the greatest and she should celebrate that. Not all champions get the finish they deserve.

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              Bassett making the diamonds squad this year honestly baffled me, and I think has added more fuel to this fire than necessary. It seems like at a club level the organizations were willing to make the call and say no or not offer her a contract but somehow the diamonds weren’t able to do the same. It’s like when SM had her captain the first game and then gave the next three to eventual full time captain Watson under the guise of “individual game captains” for that series. Why is no one willing to be the one to cut the chord?

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                If CBass hadn’t left the Lightning, then she be still in the Diamonds. Going to the Giants was the dumbest move ever.

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                  One of the major reasons Bassett wasn’t signed IMO is squad sizes. With teams of 10 you can’t have two specialist GSs. Bassett can’t run out at GA. The only teams where you could move the GS to GA if needed would be Lightning and Giants. Well Bassett has been there done that. The only starting GS I could make an argument that Bassett is stronger than is Potgeiter but even that would be tough. So that limits Bassett to being signed as the 3rd shooter in the ten who needs to be versatile.

                  Injury aside Bassett’s form has not been great in recent years. That can’t be blamed all on the feeding to her. Especially when you look at the caliber of players she had ahead of her.

                  I’m surprised we haven’t seen Bassett go to Super League. Will be very interesting to see what move she makes. Does she really want to be a TP? Ask any TP. It’s an extremely tough gig.

                  As for Dwyer being the reason Giants made finals. Huge part yes but not the only reason. Hay was superb this year. Their defence was also much improved. Dwyer is a brilliant player and I’m completely unsurprised as to what she did this year. Next year will be key. Dwyer played a lot of GS when she was younger so when you watch you can see she has a bit of work to go on the play making side (if you were to compare her to Austin say) but it’s improving each game as you’d expect. I feel it’s really what Swifts identified and exploited in the GF. Turner was huge and made Dwyer do a lot of work that she is not used to.

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                    @Tully – I agree you can’t blame everything on the feeder. I didn’t watch Bassett last season so can’t comment on that (I am seeing mixed reviews here) but in the last Diamonds series she played I felt she was moving off her hold too early and not clearly holding her space for the feeder. Which then makes it difficult to feed into her unless you are confident about the connection.

                    Normally if shooters are consistently getting poor feeds, it says that you need to do something different to make it easier for the feeder rather than apportioning blame or allowing the same issue to occur over and over (hold front space, get on the move, etc). CBass did that quite well at Lightning but I am not sure we have really seen that attitude and ability from her the last few years.

                    TBH I actually think that change-up in GS tactics is something Romelda has done the best across the comp for years now. Just when you think the defenders have got her number, she completely changes how she holds or moves. The only thing she has always done consistently is miss right under the hoop lol.

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                      I thought CB had a option of a 2nd year at the Magic, but turned it down,
                      probs not paid enough. But Ekenasio and Mes are much better options anyway

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                        It’s such a shame she didn’t get the fair tale ending – her gradual demise reminds me greatly of Van Dyk’s treatment. Neither country have been particularly respectful in the way they managed the ‘demotions’ of decade long GS legends – but i guess it will always look that way a bit if the player refuses to go out when still on top…

                        Just thinking back to 2011 NWC – CBass is the last of the 12 players still playing top level. I guess 11 years is a lot, and between declining form and doggy knees, safe to say she’s not a long term prospect for teams to ‘invest’ in.

                        My pet peeve though is with Liz Ellis – it was always sooo obvious in her commentary during 2011 and 2012 that she thought Cox should be starting GS. In a couple of old replays on youtube she says exactly that several times (during the test series where Cox was acting captain). I feel like the ‘old guard’ have always resented how quickly Bassett usurped Cox as diamonds GS.

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                          In fairness, let’s not forget how long it took for Alexander to start Bassett. And Alexander continued to say that Cox was Captain, she should start.

                          Cox continued to get the start, even though we knew Bassett would come on and save the game.

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                            This thread had a big of everything. Sadness, joy, mystery and intrigue B-)
                            However, I’m going to add the controversy… I think there are 2 issues that need to be addressed.
                            1 – how did Wallams not get a SSN contract ? her play in VSNL proved she was ready for SSN. I’d like to know if she was approached. If she wasn’t, then why? Is there still an issue with indigenous players?
                            2 – how did CBass get it the Diamonds squad? Her season in ANZP was awful. Okay she didn’t have the greatest feeders and she wasn’t fit but Wallams had all of those, and a broken wrist!!! :whistle:
                            Should NA have an alternative route similar to the Roses?

                            One other question, did all the players in the development squad get contracts?

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                              I don’t think CBass was awful in the ANZ. Just that the Magic had WA issues, and a bunch of unfit players.
                              There was one game against the Tactix (Magic should have won), where Cbass was fantastic.
                              Cbass went to the worst team in the comp, and the wrost by a very big margin.

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                                @Jinxbo – I think Wallam faces some of the same issues as CBass. She is a specialist GS where all 8 teams have incumbents who are better than her. With squads of 10 the bench players HAVE to be able to play more than 1 position. She went to the UK in the first place to get court time & show what she could do, which she did forcefully, unfortunately 8 seasoned internationals are ahead of her. I would expect that she will be picked up as a training partner and hopefully a re- invigorated ANL will allow her to push her claims.

                                As I said yesterday squads of 10 leave little room for a specialist player, unless you are the very best (think Fowler or Geva) – everyone else really had to be able to play more than 1 position well. As well as reverting to international rules, the best thing that SSN can do for Australian netball is squads of 12 and more teams!!

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                                  I don’t know about all those GSs being better than Wallam. They just happen to be the incumbents and the way things work, unless the incumbent has a shocker, they normally keep their spot. For example, if Potgieter didn’t exist, Wallam could easily slot in there at Tbirds and do every bit as well if not better. Another example, if Romelda had decided to retire, and Wallam went to the Firebirds, they would lose nothing and in my opinion they would be better.

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