2022 SSN rumoured signings/speculation

2022 SSN rumoured signings/speculation2021-09-08T09:33:02+10:00
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      @netballmum hmmm huge statement! 8 is alot because I can cross out two shooters who can be replaced by Wallam. Nelson and Potgieter are amazing athletes but they just don’t cut it for me. Nelson with the ongoing sloppy hands and Potgieter just seems to not want to shoot from range when in fact she can do so. I watched all games that Wallam played in during VNSL and not one she’s more then just a tall shooter. She can shoot from range, block shots and even do layups. Thats very impressive for someone of her height and posture. Idk but to me not signing Wallam was the biggest mistake any SSN club/Netball Australia could make. She’s a gem in the making!!!

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        Imagine a circle of Wallam and Bueta. The ongoing layups and tricks would be ???

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          The problem for Wallam is she’s never been tested against top class opposition. The best GK she has played against in a serious match was EUB (and I guess you could say Bruce in that pre-season match). Everyone speaks about how dominant she was in VNSL but it’s just not the same level, especially in the defensive end. Coaches aren’t going to recruit someone who is a GS specialist over some of the best international shooters in the world when that player has never been tested against Mentor/Sterling/Klau. The third shooter spot in SSN teams is nearly always a GS/GA swing, so she will either have to become more flexible or simply become a better GS.

          There are now 65 Australians in SSN, 15 imports. It’s difficult to argue that imports are causing issues for the league at this point. The average is less than two per team which is almost the ANZC level.

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            I did a quick count and there seems to be 17 internationals. Aiken is an Australian, I’m guessing someone else must be too? But SSN is being a bit tricky here because it’s not like Aiken will be playing for the Diamonds (I think someone mentioned this a couple of days ago on the forum)

            Tbirds – Potgieter, Sterling, Wilson
            Magpies – Mentor, Nelson, Ward
            Giants – Harten
            Vixens – Kumwenda
            Swifts – Housby, Wallace
            Firebirds – Aiken, Usoro-Brown
            Lightning – Dehaney, Pretorius, Shimmin
            Fever – Fowler, Francis-Bayman

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              Yeah I thought 15 seemed too low. They’ve obviously counted Aiken and Harten as Australians because they have Aus citizenship. Mentor might as well?

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                I had 16 originally. You know what. When I was going through the teams, it didn’t even occur to me to call Shimmin an import. Totally overlooked her. Didn’t even think about it. Subconsciously, she’s still an Australian to me. Just one who happens to play for another country.

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                  @netballmum,@al_ex, I understand your points but as Picasso says Wallams is more than just a holding GS and she can easily out jump Bruce and all the defences in SSN. She is that good. She’s more mobile than Potz, Aiken and Nelson. Have to admit I was looking forward to seeing Maddie B feed her balls.

                  I do believe Ian posted a message sometime ago saying Australia’s best GS was not playing in SSN, that is so true.

                  @Suzie123, i believe Shimmin has a dual nationality. Therefore, if she is an import then so are Harten, Aiken and Geva.
                  IMHO if you can’t play for the Diamonds then you’re an import.

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                    The imports are all imports if, they have played for another country at the previous world cup,
                    Mwai K did not play for Malawi at the 2019 WC. So if she is a Aussie citizen she could play for Aus at the next one,
                    provided she does not play for Malawi again??. Or something like that, there is prob more stand down time.

                    The ANZ will have players with duel citizenship, but they are not classed as imports,
                    Manu’a (last played for Aus in 2016), Hunt, Ekenasio, Burger.

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                      CBass and her season at Magic, well what can one say because she really didn’t get a chance to show her best. A new team, one that rarely trained together, a new style of play, lack of decent feeder/s, a starting knee injury which then ended up both knees.
                      I believe, as someone as mentioned, that she was offered a second season contract but decided to return home – likely to be because it would be easier as a Diamond to be in her country in CG year.

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                        So many people here are defending Bassett, talking about her great game against the Tactix. Yes, it was a good performance from her but that was the only time she had a good game IMHO. You can blame the fact that there were no feeders that knew how to feed her other than Kara but even when Kara was there to feed her was she that great? Nah, I don’t think so.

                        The way she’s acting and talking right now really makes me feel like she feels that she is entitled to a contract and it has to be an SSN contract- No VNSL or ANZ contract. I don’t even know how she was included in the Diamonds squad and IMHO, Netball Australia felt that they had to include her into the squad. Bassett mentioned that she felt that “the only way players are going to get better is by being out there on court” but has she really improved over the years? All the teams have all learned how to counter her already. She needs to change up her game or else she isn’t going to improve.

                        I’ve never really liked her attitude and last year really showed why. Yes, she barely had any court time but so many other players also don’t have court time but are still there cheering their team on. For example, look at Lewis for Fever this year. Had limited court time this year but was always on the sideline with a smile, cheering her team on. Gooden is another one I could name- limited court time towards the latter end of the season but was always supporting her team. However, look at Bassett last year. I remember seeing her reading a book once. Yes, no one likes being on the bench but she could have at least cheered her team on instead of reading a book, almost acting like she’s not even part of the team.

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                          Agree with what you’re saying Cookies, for the most part.

                          Peception is important and it wasn’t good for her with the Giants, but I think there were such deep issues there that it was really difficult for her to even pretend. But because of that, she now finds herself in her current situation. No other team wants to have that occur again, they would now be afraid to bench her if there were performance issues because she has shown that she can’t put that aside for the greater good of the team.

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                            Looks like Dwyer has a foot / ankle injury of some sort. In a moon boot in photos on Instagram.

                            Braz’s knee surgery is an interesting one. Goes through 14 days quarantine in Perth in order to join the camp but then doesn’t finish the camp? With the season starting earlier next year it’s interesting that it wasn’t done as soon as Magpies’ year was over. But maybe the call was made after the Diamonds tests were cancelled. Hopefully that as opposed to something that happened at camp.

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                              @Tully – was Braz’ right knee the one she did her ACL? I don’t think this was planned surgery so maybe an unexpected clean up, meniscus possibly?

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                                I agree with previous posts in that Wallam should have got a contract, not only has she proven herself in VNSL she brings an excitement to the game, super shot in my opinion is a gimmick that I am not sure has improved anything, bringing players like Wallam into the league would ignite that spark, we had the privilege of watching her at State league level and her hunger for the ball is second to none ! Make the squads 12 and not only would there be room for Australian players but hopefully make the games more watchable with the increased depth in the game to win it by good coaching not just bringing on a “long bomber” in the last 5 minutes of every quarter !!

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                                  The only reason squad sizes aren’t 12 is ?
                                  Can’t see that changing until the Covid situation improves and the league isn’t lumped with quarantine costs etc.

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