2022 SSN ROUND 1

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      Yep, she did say they can add and remove at any time though.

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        Bueta and Wood would be an automatic selection (bar injuries, covid, pregnancies etc etc).
        I know it’s only round 1, but I would be keeping a close eye on Rahni and Wallam. I feel if needed to, Bueta or Wood could form a seamless combination with these two.

        Midcourt is going to be the hard one. It’s more about who do you leave out?
        My early prediction will be Watson Hadley Rav and Brazill.

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          I would definitely have Rav back in the squad at a minimum but after being overlooked I don’t know what SM is feeling toward her. I would not have Anstiss in the squad, there are better performing players right now, Charles may make it by the skin of her teeth. I feel like Price, Brazill, Watson, Hadley, Rav, Proud would be a nicely balanced midcourt (especially since there are a few GDs who can slot into WD). The WA cover is definitely my main concern, we can’t have Watson burning out in the early stages of CWG.

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            5 Diamonds’ squad members in this round’s team of the week.

          Viewing 4 posts - 226 through 229 (of 229 total)
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