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      Considering her and Housby have either had covid/been a close contact, their training would’ve been limited, plus her coming off pre season injury.
      My fingers are crossed it’s not an ACL

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        Poor Sam Wallace, let’s hope she didn’t do her acl. If she did who will replace her? Bassett? She did make a hint I’m commentary about not revealing her tricks.

        I hope Garbin’s move to Collingwood won’t ruin her career, like many others. She doenst fit as a GA, too slow and not agile enough. Shemona is doing a great job, so I can’t see them replacing her with Garbin.

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          At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Dwyer gets into the Diamonds over Garbin.

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            Even in Wallace hasn’t done her all, I doubt it will be a short-term injury. So while it sucks to have to think about it, I think Swifts need to be smart and recruit more of a GS player if they want to keep their title hopes alive as I’m not sure a Housby/Singleton circle will be able to take them all the way. Bassett really could be an option if she’s rehabbed successfully.

            I have never been a big fan of Garbin because I found that she was often thrown in GA and she didn’t suit that position very well. She’s simply not agile or fast enough. I don’t think an average season at GA at Collingwood (if that is what happens) should warrant her a spot at the CWG. I’d rather throw Dwyer or another attacker in the deep end.

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              Couldn’t watch both games but was glad to see that the T-birds won their first game. Hopefully, they can keep up this momentum. Also absolutely gutted for Wallace and the Swifts. Hopefully, this isn’t anything serious and she’ll be okay…

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                I wonder if CBass gets a call up for Swifts?

                Got to feel for Sam Wallace ❤️

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                  Firstly obviously I hope Wallace is okay. But I do agree that even if it’s not an ACL it looked very nasty. It reminded me of the injury Emma Ryde did a few years back at TBirds.

                  Swifts actually offered Bassett a TP spot this year but she turned it down. Would Bassett actually be a legitimate option? Two dodgy knees and no pressure season? I agree they need a GS though because Housby has not been a 40 goal player in the past and that is what they need.

                  When Swifts have had major injuries in the past such as Eddy and Proud they recruited big names in but with the timing of the other leagues (Super League and ANZC) and then Comm Games is that even an option for them? Their depth didn’t look great in preseason. I liked Towell at TGC but they may want more experience although she wasn’t in the 10 last night Fawns was so she may be preferred ahead of Towell anyway.

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                    After Quad Series the popular opinion seemed to be Garbin was a lock for Comm Games. I couldn’t see it. Wood and Bueta are locks but the 3rd and 4th spots are very open. Koenen was t great in the Quad Series but performed in Comm Cup on debut and has a partnership with Wood. Austin had a strong debut and might come back on fire. Dwyer is playing well. What if Samason translates her TGC form to SSN? Garbin’s advantage is she is she was in the quad series team and the Comm Games team is selected after round 4 limiting the time for some of the others to push their case.

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                      It’s a tough call. I guess we know how good Garbin can be at GS, but I still don’t think her shot is reliable.

                      There seems to be an issue at Magpies with the mid court service to the circle. Nelson is still not a safe pair of hands and her hold is awkward, it looks like it doesn’t give any confidence to the feeders. She turns herself inside out to take the ball when she just needs to go straight up and down.

                      Last night was the best game I have seen Dwyer play. Her shot is always lovely, but last night she made some commanding drives and demanded the ball.

                      I think Bassett would be handy for Swifts, even if she couldn’t play full games. It will be a lot for the inexperienced Swift squad members to have to stand up for a whole season.

                      sami j
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                        Do we know if they are only picking the 12 for comm games after round 4 or is it the entire extended squad as well because it would be crazy to have the whole diamonds squad selected and it’s not even halfway through the season

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                          Magpies midcourt struggled yesterday. Once Braz is back and Jovic can play C and Browne WA the service to the circle should improve. Which will help Garbin. Jovic is such an underrated player. I have no idea how she didn’t make the emerging Australian squad compared to some that did. Not really sure what Lind offers Magpies but perhaps she will be stronger as an impact player? Although I’d probably try Sinclair at WA over Lind.

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                            I’d hope it’s an extended CWG squad that they select… I do think, depending on performances this season, there could be a surprise in the attacking ends of the team. Thankfully, seeing Bueta spend some time at GS has made me feel slightly better about that position.

                            I just watched the replay of that match and oh my god my heart dropped. Reminds me of Ryde and Lange. The scream was haunting. And instantly could tell it was bad, you can just see McDonnell, Tuner on the bench and whoever was at WD’s faces fall but Proud’s reaction by far was the most saddening, she has been through that and instantly knew. Wallace has been such a spearhead for T&T, fingers crossed it’s not as bad as it looks.

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                              I thought it was the team of 12 selected after round 4. The timing was not decided by Diamonds but rather the Comm Games association and Australia has to nominate their athletes by then.

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                                GS Wallam
                                GA Bueta
                                WA Dunkley
                                C Ravaillion
                                WD Simpson
                                GD Jenner
                                GK Usoro-Brown

                                GS Kumwenda
                                GA Austin
                                WA Watson
                                C Moloney
                                WD Eddy
                                GD Weston
                                GK Mannix

                                UMPIRES: Jemma Cook and Tayla Favell

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                                  A few people have mentioned Ryde as a comparison but from my memory whilst Ryde’s looked horrific I believe she actually escaped any major structural damage?? I could be wrong but that’s my recollection.

                                  Really feel for Sammy and will hold on to the glimmer of hope it’s not an ACL until confirmed 🙁

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