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  • Tully
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      I don’t think the TBirds need to recruit an import to GS. Lucy Austin should be promoted next year. She is a standout and will only get better the more exposure she has at SSN level. They can build their attack around Austin for the next 10 years.

      TBirds do need to drop a midcourter to make room for her. My preference would be McDonald. McDonald was born in the UK so can play in VNSL as a non-import, I have always suspected she may end up there at some point.

      As for Nankivell. Firstly I am a big fan but she has plateaued over the last 18 months. Williams is the C the TBirds need to build their team around. Petty has surprised me with her form Thai year and deserves the WD bib. That leaves back up spot in all 3 midcourt positions for Nankivell. As for her leaving where would she go? 70-75% of the players across the league are in two year contracts which will provide minimal opportunities for changes. The obvious option for me would be Collingwood in place of Lind who is on a one year contract. But realistically they will promote Nyah Allen (Lind is a WA back up, that’s all, Sinclair can be the backup WA whilst also offering GA coverage). Nankivell moving to Collingwood would provide a new environment but again she’d be a backup, same as TBirds. Maybe Scherian will retire in a year or two but by then Miller should have established herself at Lightning. The depth in the midcourt in Australia is immense which makes moving clubs a tough one for Nankivell.

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        I love Potgeiter – she’s such a strong target under the ring and her accuracy is amazing. Having said that, if they were to promote Austin next year, they’d need a shooter who can comfortably play GA and GS.

        I watched the Quad Series and Elle Cardwell was one of my favourite players so I wouldn’t be upset if they nabbed her. Honestly super keen for the signing period this year!

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          They could keep Dwan, Horjus for GA and add Austin as well as Potgieter. They just need to trim the midcourt and McDonald is the obvious choice.

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            I like Potgeiter too. They could get rid of Dawn for Cardwell. That would be an amazing duo under the ring.

            You wouldn’t drop Potgeiter for a Austin, that will be going back to the drawing board, as good as she is she still needs lots of experience, and tends to fade off. She is the future though.

            GS Potgeiter
            GA Cardwell
            Wa Horjus
            C Williams
            WD Petty
            GD Latanya
            GK Sterling


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              They are better off keeping Dwan and letting her develop. She is young and this is her first season as a starting player and playing full games. She is young and Tbirds have improved a lot over the season.

              Keeping Dwan means the structure can remain familiar. Brining in Cardwell, who is a dominant player, for her first season downunder and expecting her to just slot in is a big risk. Tbirds are not far off being a serious threat.

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                I’d keep Potgeiter and Austin and Dwan and Horjus.

                Horjus is the starting WA who can rotate through GA when needed.

                Williams, Nankivell and Petty round out the midcourt (Wilson can cover WD if needed).

                This was Dwan’s first season playing in the TBirds structures. Deserves longer to prove herself. The way Austin has fitted in at Vixens is only because she is a sublime player and has so much experience around her. Dwan has a lot less experience around her at TBirds to bring her in to the game.

                TBirds have started to make progress and have formed some nice combinations. They don’t need to make mass changes and start all over again.

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                  I agree with Tully and am happy to read others like Potgieter too. I really enjoyed hearing her talk on Pivot last night. Sure she can get glum, to the point where she’s had to take time off from the game to look after her mental health. But others can get glum too. I knew Fever were going to lose to Firebirds in the last quarter of their Round 12 game looking at Bruce’s face. She was pretty despondent.

                  What an emotional rollercoaster the weekend’s games were.

                  First I wanted F’Birds to win for Wallam and Mi Mi. Then I wanted them to lose to give T’Birds a better chance to get into the finals if they beat Vixens. With Vixens pretty much having wrapped up the Minor Premiers, I didn’t mind if they lost to T’Birds to achieve this. As long as Vixens beat Magpies next Monday.

                  What a game it will be next Monday. I might go along.

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                    On a different note – Housby really needs to stop playing to the whistle, I feel like in the last few games I’ve definitely noticed a few turnovers at her expense because she is pleading with the umpire or waiting for them to call something up.

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                        Cardwell has had offers from SSN teams but she seemed to prefer to stay in the UK.

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                          So I managed to take a dig on Cardwells life and she just settled with her partner. They bought their first home 6 months ago. I think this solves the reason as to why she doesn’t wanna sign any SSN contract

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