2022 Test Series – Australia v England (Oct/Nov)

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      Aussie attack end looked a bit clunky at times – especially once Austin came off. Glad to see her have a good couple of games for Australia and show what she can truly do. Garbin needs to work on her shot, the shooting percentage is too low for this level. She does all this great work to take the ball, but doesn’t finish it off ( it’s frustrating to watch).

      Fadoju should have been POTM- she was phenomenal. Player of the series really.

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        I swear I saw something about a possible quad series in January?

        Yep shining light of this series was def Fadoju.

        Key points are how underdone England have looked, a result of holding onto certain players for too long and not having the next lot of youngins coming through thatll stand up internationally.

        Aussie have been solid enough but when you seriously look at what theyve done the last two series. They really only have Brazill maybe coming back in and they’ve looked shaky. Both England and NZ have seen and played against basically their NWC team and will learn how to combat it.

        Attacking end is a big ? for Aussie. Garbin stood up but then has been a little down on finishing off goals, she seems a bit lax on the finish. Wallam doesn’t have what it takes to play an international tournament. She has been found wanting in this series and that’s without versing a Jamaica or NZ defence unit. She’s too one dimensional and I don’t really think she has the seasons or years (as she is 28) or athleticism to be any different. She’s very unsteady on her feet and landing imo. Austin is good when she’s good but can also clutter the space and try to help the middies too much. Wood is the same but also seems to not be able to run out a full game anymore. Dwyer might be a bit too green atm. Koenen was steady enough but needs another dimension than her baseline and jump.

        Defence end its a toss up between RBD and Turner for the 4th defender spot. Midcourt I a bit tougher to decide on if they want an attacking or defensive midcourt. Goalers has to be Koenen, Garbin, Wood and Austin. Dark horse is Dwyer to slide in. Also is it a def that Bueta is unavailable for NWC?

        Sorry for a lot of words lol

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          Yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s a Quad Series coming up.

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            Worked out the fantasy Netball scores for these tests, and Fadoju has tonight recorded the highest-ever score using this points system…

            Test 1: Aus 55 v Eng 54

            169 . Maddy Proud
            121 . Sophie Garbin
            111 . Paige Hadley
            104 . Sarah Klau

            91 . Courtney Bruce
            68 . Jamie-Lee Price
            64 . Jo Weston
            50 . Kate Moloney
            48 . Cara Koenen
            39 . Kiera Austin
            29 . Donnell Wallam

            130 . Francesca Williams
            126 . Funmi Fadoju
            110 . Jade Clarke

            97 . Eleanor Cardwell
            94 . Helen Housby
            87 . Geva Mentor
            49 . Laura Malcolm
            48 . Hannah Joseph
            48 . Imogen Allison
            36 . Natalie Metcalf
            25 . Sophie Drakeford-Lewis


            Test 2: Aus 56 v Eng 48

            133 . Kiera Austin
            130 . Jamie-Lee Price
            122 . Amy Parmenter
            114 . Jo Weston
            108 . Sarah Klau
            101 . Paige Hadley

            73 . Cara Koenen
            43 . Maddy Proud
            40 . Sophie Dwyer

            108 . Helen Housby
            98 . Funmi Fadoju
            97 . Eleanor Cardwell
            86 . Natalie Metcalf
            76 . Layla Guscoth
            59 . Hannah Joseph
            58 . Imogen Allison
            57 . Laura Malcolm
            54 . Jade Clarke
            54 . Francesca Williams
            24 . Geva Mentor


            Test 3: Aus 57 v Eng 53

            141 . Paige Hadley
            123 . Kiera Austin
            100 . Amy Parmenter

            92 . Courtney Bruce
            90 . Sophie Dwyer
            73 . Jo Weston
            69 . Donnell Wallam
            63 . Maddy Turner
            58 . Kate Moloney
            55 . Sophie Garbin
            41 . Jamie-Lee Price
            37 . Sarah Klau

            220 . Funmi Fadoju
            115 . Sophie Drakeford-Lewis
            103 . Laura Malcolm

            95 . Natalie Metcalf
            82 . Eleanor Cardwell
            66 . Jade Clarke
            57 . Francesca Williams
            55 . Layla Guscoth
            32 . Geva Mentor
            26 . Imogen Allison
            20 . Helen Housby

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              Did Jo Harten not take the court at all during this series? I don’t recall hearing her mentioned on here.

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                No. A lot of criticism from English fans that they brought out two players who weren’t fit (Harten & Cobden), instead of giving someone else a go. And then two of the young players (Tchine & Harvey) who did come out here, weren’t given a chance.

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                  I’m not too worried about where Australia is at right now. They may have played everyone except Braz, but not too often their strongest combos all on the court at once. Watson and Hadley didn’t play together at all, and they’re still my picks for starting C/WA. I think a starting 7 of Garbin, Wood, Watson, Hadley, Braz/Parmenter, Weston and Bruce, with Koenen, Austin, Price, Klau, Aryang (or Turner) all able to provide impact off the bench will be solid. Koenen, Austin and Price had a really nice connection in that second Test against England, which is a positive sign for Australia. My biggest concern is that Garbin’s accuracy is still lower than ideal and she may not get to play much GS in SSN. Also, I really want SM to stop starting Bruce in GD.

                  Without Bueta, I’m not sure Australia can beat Jamaica or a full strength NZ team in the World Cup, but they have the kind of depth and fitness you want for a tournament. Smart coaching will be important.

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