2024 ANZP ROUND 13

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      But Grace is simply flagging her vulnerabilities to all defenders out there – similar to IVD’s ‘got away with murder’ comments against EBC.

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        That was a must win game for the Magic to provide their finals quality and they failed. They have the weakest bench out of the top 4, so the coach should have switched Eke/Tui around rather than bringing on Rowland.

        The umpiring is definitely letting more go this year for NZ standards – could only be good for our shooters come the tests.

        With Ekenasio and Mikaere potentially retiring, this will the best shot they will get for a few more years.

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          Have to feel for the Magic, they have played some great netball over the past few rounds. However in this game, they just got outplayed by a better team (mainly in the last qtr).

          So in order for Magic to make playoffs, they have to win their next game and Mystics have to loose?

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            I hope Ekenasio stays around for the next World Cup, at least the next Comm Games if there is one.

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              Mystics play Pulse and Stars to finish.
              Magic play Tactix and Steel.

              It would be just like the Stars to pull one out of the bag in the final round to deny the Mystics from a top 3 spot..

              In terms of direct entry to the Grand Final:
              Pulse play Mystics and Tactix.
              Tactix play Magic and Pulse as mentioned above.

              It could come (and I hope it does) come down to the final round robin game of the season to determine who hosts the GF and who meets in the Elimination Final.

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                Mystics will need to have Grace on court for prob the full 60min against Pulse.

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                  they say the 3/4 is the “championship quarter” but that never seems to be the case for the Magic, its almost the complete opposite… the magic have looked good on paper for a few years now but never seem to get much past a 4th place at best

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                    @silverferns1 Straight to the point, you say? Grace Nweke has the greatest core and one of the better vertical leaps in the game but she can’t actually shoot. Teams know that. All she has is her jump, and now that she knows for certain that her knees are vulnerable she’s even more defensive about her landing space. If teams are contesting with her at the jump, and consequently her landing space, like Taneisha did, then she gets sulky.

                    She needs to look at herself instead of accusing players of dangerous play. What’s she gonna cry about vs Pulse and Tactix? The Diamonds, Roses and Sunshine Girls?

                    My point is their media interviews. If players are coming out of the changing room or (in Phoenix’s case) off the court that hot with emotion, imagine their heat of the moment words to each other and the culture within. For years Sam Winders fronted interviews for a losing team. More recently, Kate Heffernan and Maia Wilson. They’ve never sh*t on a player/s or umpire.

                    I’m not saying we should be “ladylike”, I’m saying there’s intelligence in how players reflect their frustration. Mystics are showing us what’s what in their headspace and it ain’t pretty.

                    Some of us like a full package team.
                    – Great style of netball that wins
                    – Relatable and intelligent role models

                    For me, that is not the 2024 Mystics.

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