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      @wewood i might be a bit bias being a Tactix supporter, but also i have also rate Poi as a “fringe fern” she doesnt let the ball go into the shooters as much as she should, if she could just improve on that & with Gordon out probably for the next SF tournament maybe we could see her again in the black dress

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        Poi is a far better C than Heffernan, who Noel’s seems to think is the Bees Knees C.

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          @mcleod I have to disagree with you there. Heffernan has no issues with feeding Nweke and Ekenasio and is the best defensive centre in NZ. She has a knack at getting intercepts at crucial moments. And at times gets more intercepts than her defensive end. She’s the only one that will bomb the ball into the centre circle with a few seconds left on the clock.

          Poi has no connections with the any current Ferns in the attacking end. Where as Earle does if Gordon isn’t available.

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            Poi is one of our best C in NZ. It still baffles me that she got dropped from the Ferns. All of her international games (except 2022 CC where she played WA) she had played great.
            Heffernan is more damaging at WD than C. I think she slides well into C, but not a starter or full game.
            In saying all this, C is not really our issue. WA is the problem area, and atm there’s only 2 players I’d like to see playing there and that’s Toeava or Souness.

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