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      Even though it was a walkover for the Pulse I thought the standard of netball was very low if the Pulse are supposed to be the top nz team. So many turnovers from both sides. Wouldnt cut it in the ssn. It was error ridden and uninspiring netball. I also don’t think Metuarau is ready for much game time.

      Mystics coach didn’t do her team many favours playing so many players out of position. Why not just play Earle at centre for a start?! Pulse just treated it like a training run at the end.
      I’ve got my money on the Tactix to win the game next weekend against the Pulse – unless Delaney Hoshek screws up subbing her mid court on and off at the wrong times.

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        The fact Kayla Johnson and MSB played a better C role than TeAo is saying something.
        MSB said they would’ve taken from their Beko but they’ve all been taken from other clubs – I disagree with this comment. Temu for example has played for two clubs. The only one from the Marvels is Selina at the steel.

        Why didn’t they try Binks in WA and Earle in c

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          Even though the official number is 10, the NZ teams often carry 11 or 12 on game day. This weekend the Stars had 12, Tactix 11 (all used), Pulse 11 (all used). Rules seem more lax than in the SSN.

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            I agree, Metuarau doesn’t look match fit for 60 mins.

            I’m still uninspired by the consistency of the top NZ teams, Tactix and Pulse have had lots of periods looking pretty average. The injuries don’t help but a lot of the SSN teams have had a number of injuries and maintained clinical performances. Tactix have the most settled team and a ready-made replacement in Bird, I’d really hope they’ll finally win this year if can get over the mental hurdle.

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              Guyza, they can name anywhere between 10 and 12 players in NZ. That’s the rule. They can name 10, 11, or 12. It’s up to them.

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                Mystics look like a team that has issues, and more than a couple players missing.
                Circle defence players often out of position, Salmon had nobody marking her far to often.
                Is fitness a issue as well??!!

                Coaching has always centered around biff to Nweke. no back up plan.
                Even their last 2 losses they had Toeava and still looked like they had no idea.

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                  Mystics shooters (as a combination) are just not strong enough. There’s only so much a midcourt and defence can do.

                  I wonder if Mystics or Steel have thrown out an SOS call to Charlie Bell? Would she be allowed to play with them considering she’s been with Tactix? I’m thinking it wouldn’t be an issue considering Salmon played for Steel and now Pulse. Same as Temu.

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