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  • iona
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      I don’t think Fever will go for Medhurst. She is 40 and I believe would not be a good option. Although I notice she has started a running and fitness programme.
      Beckford is 28.

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        Players are starting to sign contracts.
        Aikens back in Sydney, does that mean she will be tp for swifts again?

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          I rate Mundy but there are so many Diamonds attacking midcourters who have barely gotten opportunity. It’s not like Proud has played for the Diamonds and disappointed. She was really building into the English series before getting injured in Test 2.

          I’ve never been a Stower fan, too many errors. Beckford and Allen would both be better but it’s probably easier to bring over a domestic player. Fowler must be getting half their salary cap.

          Nelson being a poor mover and SS shooter is wild. Bad ball-handler perhaps, but absolutely not the other two.

          I would be disappointed to see Parmenter miss out on CC but the Diamonds don’t really need a ball winner at WD when Hadley and Weston create so much pressure and both Bruce and Klau can get a lot of gains.

          Surprised Fadoju isn’t being talked about. She was really done dirty at NWC playing so much GK. I’d definitely rate her ahead of Moore, even at GK let alone GD and WD.

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            LA mentioned Fadoju was still still green and needs a couple more years at NSL before making the move down under.

            I hope Nelson gets a contract, please thunderbird take her.

            We have a lack of experienced GA’s so I can see why they’d go with Beckford over a player with 1-2 years ssn experience. Id be surprised if Stower gets a contract.

            I saw Felisitus Kwangwa has been released from her contract at Surrey Storm, could she be headed to Fever?
            She stopped intercepts at World Cup.

            Why is everyone saying Parmy won’t play at the CC?

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              Kwangwa was amazing at the NWC in Liverpool. Thought she deserved a contract then.

              Perhaps a bit of a strange choice but I actually think Letherbarrow would have been a good choice for Fever. Definitely has work to do on her GA game but she moves well and we all know she can shoot. It would be such a shame to see her go back to getting no minutes at the Giants.

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                I have a feeling Harten will be taking a step back next year, playing limited minutes to allow Letherbarrow more court time.

                I have a feeling bottom of the table will look something like this.

                Let’s not forget how bad Vixens were when Watson missed a season.


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                  It looks like the Swifties will -almost uniquely – bring back everyone that they wanted to. This from a team that lost a grand final in extra time by a single point. Big favourites for me.

                  The Lightning are probably the big threat. The Diamonds connection ought to let them cohere quickly. The top level talent across the entire floor speaks for itself but I would not rate the Lightnings depth on the same level as the Swifts. In my view the Swifts and Lightning will finish the season with a significant gap between them and the teams in third and fourth.

                  The Fever are of course significantly weaker with the personnel changes they’ve endured. But Fowler is still an eight time league MVP at the peak of her powers. Anstiss, Simmons and Aryang provide important continuity. The Green army provide an enormous boost of energy for Fever home games. I feel they win most of their home games and beat who you’d expect on the road and I think they’ll play finals.

                  The last spot is wide open. The Mavericks appear to have recruited very well but it is a big ask to be a cohesive and truly competitive unit in this very short period of time. Wait and see. The Thunderbirds minus Tracey Neville and Ell Cardwell I feel is a version of this team I’ve already seen. Despite the heroics of Sterling and Wilson they were not very good. I suspect the reigning premiers fall off big time.

                  The Firebirds appear entirely reliant on the availability of Gretel Bueta. The apparent departures of Leesa Mi Mi, Mia Stower and Emily Moore are baffling in the context of the rebuilding the Firebirds need to do and the time already invested in their development. The absence of steady veteran Gabi Simpson will hurt them further. The emergence of Remi Kamo was one of the bright spots of an otherwise forgettable season for the Firebirds. Her fluid cohesion with defensive partner Bakewell-Doran stemming from their club netball days together is a tangible point of hope for Firebirds fans. But the question must be asked – what took so long? Remi turns 30 in November and yet this will be just her second SSN season. In 2021 the Firebirds recruited, IMV, a clearly past her best Eboni Usoro-Brown. She appeared to have no other goal than avoiding injury so she could be selected in the England Com Games team, achieved that then promptly retired after their loss in the third place playoff against NZ. Rumblings of unhappiness from the other bright spot Donnell Wallam may point to significant structural problems in the Firebirds organization. Romelda Aitken-George might agree with that, as might new assistant Fever coach Sara Francis-Bayman.
                  As an aside the Fever-Firebirds clashes promise to be must see tv just for the tension on the sidelines.

                  The Giants minus Brandley and Parmenter look to be a team maybe short of the talent to compete at the sharp end of the competition. Particularly as questions over how much of a contribution they might be able to expect from Jo Harten who has had a recent rough time with injury. But can one ever entirely write off a Julie Fitz team? The Giants possess significant and serious young talent – no less than five of the seventeen Australian 21U squad are Giants academy products, more than any other team. Whilst this may be a rebuilding year for the Orange Crush their future still looks very bright.

                  Any team will struggle to fill a Liz Watson sized hole. The Australian captains departure probably leads to a down year of sorts for the Vixens. That said, a “down year” for the Vixens may well still include finals. Simone McKinnis is still one of the best minds in the game, and the Vixens do still have a vast array of talent. The emergence of Kiera Austin as a bona fide superstar is now complete, with her poise and performance at the World Cup a standout. A bittersweet side effect was the departure of Rahni Samason to New Zealand, a young player who but for some bad luck with injury could well have been in Austins position herself. But this is just to point out how the Vixens are able to recognize, work with and develop talent. The Vixens house is built on solid foundations.

                  Season cannot come quick enough.

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                    Vixens have Austin, Garbin, Weston, Moloney and Kumwenda (off the bench).

                    When they didn’t have Watson in 2021. Mundy was 20. From memory hadn’t even stepped on an ANC court and was in her first year as a TP with Barkmeyer and Stanton at GA and at times Smith played in C. Mundy has been phenomenal since then and will be feeding 3 international shooters. Can’t compare.

                    For Fever Fowler and Allen will be a great combination. Strong experienced midcourt and likely multiple international level defenders.

                    From all the rumours Giants will have McDonald, Ward and Temu in defence. That’s stronger than their defence this year. Price in the middle and the same shooters. They’ll be stronger imo.

                    I’d say underrate those 3 teams at your peril.

                    I don’t appear to rate Mavs as highly as everyone else. They have to form connections all through court. A brilliant shooting combination in prospect but an undersized defence with a lack of clear leader. Their only Diamond is Parmy with a couple of caps.

                    Swifts are favourites imo. Settled experienced class lineup. Need to sort WD and the loss of Fraser’s versatility is one they need to cover.

                    Lightning don’t have the same depth at Swifts but obviously a strong lineup. WD and C will be their problems.

                    I worry about FBs and TBirds. Cardwell is massive shoes to fill (much bigger than Watson being replaced at Vixens imo given the lineups, I rate Austin but 60 minutes week in week out at GS is a step up. Not a Diamond or international in the circle or attacking midcourt thus far compared to Mundy who will edge in amongst 3 Diamonds). Cardwell also brought experience and play making.

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                      I agree al_ex Proud is the obvious 5th midcourt for me.

                      However, I do believe Diamonds need to start bringing through some of the younger players.

                      The midcourt is now very mature and I can see a few of them not being available or in selection decisions come next Comm Games and WC.

                      Hadley is 31. Proud and Moloney 30. Watson 30 early next year. So in 3 years at Comm Games Hadley will be 34 and Proud and Moloney 33.

                      JLP is the obvious candidate as leader of the next generation.

                      Of the younger generation Mundy is the leader imo. She also played fast 5 last year so would seem selectors think the same.

                      Horjus is a WA option but doesn’t have a strong 2nd position on an international court. Unlikely to be used at GA for Diamonds and is not a C. ATN in a similar position.

                      After Mundy I think they’ll be looking at Williams, Fraser and Gardner to come through. All versatile midcourt players. Parmenter also in the mix obviously.

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                        @al_ex I don’t even think you can accuse Nelson of being a bad ball handler the way she was in the past either. Her hands have improved enormously. It is wild and I hope that she gets a contract.

                        I guess I missed it, but are you saying that FBs let Moore go?

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                            If Tbirds choose, Nelson. I can see them making the top 4. They didn’t win the gf by Cardwell alone it was a team effort. That winning experience is priceless. Just imagine they had a high volume shooter like Nelson, they’d be unstoppable in normal time. They can sub Austin on in the supershot time.
                            I think they’ll be okay, not cancelling them out yet.

                            If Allan is going to Fever, presumably that means Dwan is staying at tbirds?

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                              What’s all the recruitments? I can’t see it!

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                                The fact that continuing delays finalising the Collective Bargaining Agreement means no contracts can yet be signed doesn’t mean deals are not being done — everywhere.
                                At least one list is complete; most are close.
                                After weeks of forensic digging by CODE Sports’ Linda Pearce, here’s a snapshot of what we know, including fresh news that Hulita Veve will complete the Queensland Firebirds’ midcourt. And what we still don’t.
                                Adelaide Thunderbirds
                                2023 result: Premiers
                                Coach: Tania Obst (contracted to the end of 2024)
                                The inside word: As unsurprising as it was to learn of Eleanor Cardwell’s decision to follow her English coaching mentor Tracey Neville across to the Mavericks, Lucy Austin is a talented young post-up target with long-range shooting ability to partner whoever arrives in Cardwell’s place. The strength in defence remains, with perhaps only a minor midcourt tweak looming around Maisie Nankivell.
                                Still waiting on: Cardwell’s replacement; whether Nankivell remains; and Tippah Dwan declaring her intentions. The latter is yet to commit to the premiership defence, with a return to the Firebirds — and partner Josh Dunkley based in her home town of Brisbane — the other option.

                                NSW Swifts
                                2023 result: Runners-up (and minor premiers)
                                Coach: Briony Akle (2026)
                                The inside word: Few are keen to leave this fine club, but opportunity knocked at the Mavericks for handy midcourter Tayla Fraser in terms of both court-time and position (WA), leaving a vacancy Lili Gorman-Brown is most likely to fill. The core group remains, including co-captains Paige Hadley and Maddy Proud, defenders Maddy Turner and the sought-after-but-staying-put Sarah Klau, and World Cup goaler-of-the-tournament Helen Housby.
                                Still waiting on: Sam Wallace being confirmed ready to return after two seasons lost to that brutal knee injury; whether the nod is indeed going to Gorman-Brown.

                                West Coast Fever
                                2023 result: 3rd
                                Coach: Dan Ryan (2026)
                                The inside word: The biggest list turnover of all is in the west, where Courtney Bruce (Lightning) and Sasha Glasgow (Mavericks) are the big outs from the starting seven, Kim Jenner, Rudi Ellis and Emma Cosh vacate the bench, and only the expanding midcourt is intact. Dumped Firebird Mia Stower comes in as one replacement shooter, and Nyah Allen has been considered as the other, but there could yet be a smokey in the wings. Kadie-Ann Dehaney looks set to bookend her Sunshine Girls’ teammate Jhaniele Fowler in the new-look defence, where there has been no recent word on Fran Williams moving to Perth from the UK, but nor any suggestion that she isn’t.
                                Still waiting on: Jordan Cransberg’s expected elevation to a contracted 10 that was defence-heavy in 2023; the second goal attack (watch this space); Dehaney agreeing to terms on what most are convinced is effectively a done deal.

                                Melbourne Vixens
                                2023 result: 4th
                                Coach: Simone McKinnis (2025)
                                The inside word: As immense as Liz Watson’s loss (which, naturally, was first reported by CODE) from that long-settled core group will clearly be, Hannah Mundy is a far better-prepared replacement than she was as a green youngster filling in for the injured co-captain in 2021. Other departees are defender Liv Lewis (Mavs) and Rahni Samason (NZ), — whose replacement Sophie Garbin is the key signing to combine with fellow Diamond Kiera Austin in a team whose biggest struggles have been in attack.
                                Still waiting on: Confirmation that Mwai Kumwenda will be back in a new role as the No.3 shooter; Rudi Ellis ticked-off as the back-up keeper; an attacking young Victorian in the centre court, given Mundy’s elevation into the starting seven.

                                Sunshine Coast Lightning
                                2023 result: 5th
                                Coach: Belinda Reynolds (2024)
                                The inside word: The club has already locked in a pretty handy 10. Watson and Firebirds’ training partner Leesa Mi Mi replace Annie Miller and Laura Scherian. Bruce tips out Dehaney at keeper. Reilley Batcheldor and Tara Hinchliffe return from ACLs at the expense of temporary replacement Charlie Bell and the great Karla Pretorius respectively. Steph Wood, Cara Koenen and Mahalia Cassidy remain, and Ava Black earns a permanent promotion. Title contenders. Big time.
                                Still waiting on: The CPA being done and the paperwork being finalised.

                                Giants Netball
                                2023 result: 6th
                                Coach: Julie Fitzgerald (2025)
                                The inside word: Ex-Magpie defender Jodi-Ann Ward coming in for the retiring April Brandley was a deal done early, while Amy Parmenter’s exit, officially confirmed last week, has also been known for some time. Amy Sligar can inherit Parmy’s WD bib, leaving a vacancy on the bench, or Ward can also cover that spot, providing another defensive opening. Lauren Moore is the latest to walk, also bound for the Mavericks, leaving only the Harten-Dwyer-Letherbarrow shooting end untouched.
                                Still waiting on: A midcourter and third circle defender. Amid several local options, could Ellis, seemingly Vixens-bound, be part of a late twist?

                                Queensland Firebirds
                                2023 result: 7th
                                Coach: Bec Bulley (2026)
                                The inside word: Mature-aged WD/C Hulita Veve will replace 157-game former captain Gabi Simpson, linking up alongside Kim Ravaillion, Lara Dunkley and Macy Gardner in the midcourt. Despite rumblings of discontent from Diamonds pair Donnell Wallam, particularly, and Ruby Bakewell-Doran, both are favoured to stay in purple. While not just Simpson but Stower (Fever) and Ash Unie were cut, no word yet on their replacements. But assume Gretel Bueta will not be back in the contracted 10 after baby No.2 — at least not in 2024 — and that Emily Moore remains.
                                Still waiting on: A shooter and a defender. You’ll know when we do.

                                2023 result: N/A (replacing eighth-placed Collingwood)

                                Coach: Tracey Neville (2025)
                                The inside word: CODE has exclusively revealed the recruitment of nine players so far: shooters Cardwell, Glasgow and Gabby Sinclair; mids Fraser, Molly Jovic and Parmenter; defenders Moore, Lewis and Kim Jenner.
                                Still waiting on: A versatile attacking midcourter. Still being decided, but it won’t be Kelsey Browne or Chelsea Pitman. Netball Victoria quota restrictions do not apply.

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                                  Collingwood had Nelson and they were stoppable.

                                  The work rate of Cardwell was phenomenal and her versatility key. TBirds cannot replace her with a single player. The only players comparable that can play GA and GS equally well that I can think of right now are Ekenasio, Glasgow and Housby and TBirds aren’t getting them. Nelson is a great player but all the TBirds must step up to another level to cover her absence. Most teams have premiership winning experience in their lineups. It’s a massive loss, as is Tracey Neville.

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