ABC News Breakfast last week (or was it this week)

ABC News Breakfast last week (or was it this week)2018-06-15T09:40:34+10:00
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      Only found out about this last night via Media Watch on twitter. Apparently last Friday on ABC News Breakfast, the sports presenter Paul Kennedy told everyone about the Super Netball games for the weekend and even urged people to go along and support their teams. Only of course there was a bye week and he was talking about THIS week’s games.

      Now, it seems there weren’t actually many if any netball fans watching because nobody bothered to contact him or the ABC to tell them the mistake. So he just kept repeating the error every half hour during his sports segment. Shouldn’t criticise as he’s just about the only sports presenter who even mentions netball on Australian TV news shows. But on that occasion, he should have given it a miss!

      I didn’t watch this morning to see if he mentioned it or if he just said exactly the same thing that he said last week!¬† ūüėÜ

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