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      As requested, I have started up this thread for people to post ongoing issues with the NS website. I have copy and pasted below Jackie’s post.

      Hi, all. I’m the netball scoop web admin/technician, & I apologize for the difficulties folks are experiencing.

      This post serves 2 purposes–to let folks know who I am & that I’m around to help w/server type issues, but also to test to see if I can reproduce some of the problems others are having.

      My name is Jackie, I know absolutely nothing about netball, but I do know something about server & website administration.

      We’re continuing to work to optimize the site so your experience will be an enjoyable one. There may be a few hiccups in the process, & I apologize profusely if that be the case. Pardon the pun, but you guys have been really good sports, & I’m appreciative.

      Perhaps we could start a forum/topic called website problems or similar that I could subscribe to in order to be apprised of & address any issues that folks are having quickly. Meanwhile, I have subscribed to this thread, but I think a separate 1 having to do specifically w/website issues might be appropriate.

      Again, thanks for being such good sports, & I’ll keep my eyes out for correspondence relating to difficulties.

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