ANZ Premiership pre-season matches

ANZ Premiership pre-season matches2020-01-29T03:24:50+10:00
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      Minkie any news on Bailey?

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        NZChampion I saw this on instagram and Bailey is in rehab. Looking at that photo I reckon she has bruising on her left knee – keyhole surgery maybe? I do hope she is back soon because Mystics have such a young and inexperience (at ANZ level) shooting circle and are really missing Michaela too.

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          Slowly making my way through the pre-season matches – watching the Steel v Mystics now. Has Irene van dyk had some training for her accent? It sounds like she’s concentrating really hard on that and it detracts from her insight unfortunately. The gentleman she’s with is really easy to listen to. :yes:

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            Bit late to the party with these games but I’ve only just finished catching up. I took some shooting stats from some of the games if anyone is interested.

            Day 1: Steel 62 def Mystics 57

            O’Connell: 36/47 (77%)
            McCollin: 20/24 (83%)
            Heffernan: 6/7 (86%)

            Nweke: 51/59 (89%)
            Tui: 3/3 (100%)
            Grapes: 3/6 (50%)

            Day 1: Magic 60 def Stars 52

            Marshall: 33/42 (79%)
            Latu-Meafou: 27/33 (82%)

            Wilson: 40/49 (82%)
            Naoupu: 8/11 (73%)
            Hume: 4/7 (57%)

            Day 2: Pulse 61 def Stars 42

            Dunn: 27/30 (90%)
            Ekenasio: 22/24 (92%)
            Metuarau: 12/14 (86%)

            Wilson: 24/30 (80%)
            Hume: 13/20 (65%)
            Naoupu: 5/8 (63%)

            Day 2: Tactix 56 def Mystics 50

            Bird: 45/55 (82%)
            Selby-R: 9/13 (69%)
            Prosser: 2/3 (67%)

            Nweke: 42/47 (89%)
            Grapes: 6/12 (50%)
            Tui: 2/2 (100%)

            Overall some impressive numbers from the GS’s, Nweke was probably the standout from the games I watched, she has got some amazing talent. Two players who I noticed huge improvement from were Latu-Meafou and Tiana Metuarau, both look so much fitter, faster and more aggressive than last season, but also quite composed too – their shooting stats back me up there as well. I really liked Reuleu-Buchanan and Kate Burley from the Stars and Jamie Hume looks the goods too (although shooting still needs some refining). I found it interesting that Asher Grapes got more court time than Saviour Tui over the weekend, given that Tui is the contracted player. Kimi Poi was super impressive for the Tactix too, I think her stint at WA with the Magpies has grown her game in that position a whole heap.

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              Metuarau had a knee clean out in the off season so it must have worked well.

              Not sure what was going on with O’Connell because she looked out of sorts a lot. Hope it was nothing too serious.

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                Grapes. I can’t get over that name. First off I thought it must have been a typo or an autocorrect mistake.

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                  Thanks for the stats Waylay. Can’t wait for the season to start this weekend.

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                    All teams look like they have really strong midcourt, which is great for the Ferns. I am a real big fan of the Magic midcourt, but would have ACD at C and Souness at WA.

                    As everyone has said Pulse, Tactix and Magic look strong. But can never count out Steel, they always rise to the occasion. Stars has a lot of potential – and if they are clicking, they have the talent to go all the way (in saying that, that could be said for all the teams).

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