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      I haven’t seen any Beko League games this year, but for those who have, who are the talents you want to see promoted next year?  Kelsey McPhee has put up some high volumes this year.

      There are a few players I think are not worthy of a ANZP contract: Olivia Bates, Jamie Hume, Ellen Halpenny.  All shooters who were just not up to this level.

      GA: None of the teams had a consistent GA across the season, which I think resulted in some poor attacking play in the early rounds.  TPSR and Ekenasio “came right” in the end.  Malesala should move as she needs court time to get to the next level.  Interseting quandry next year with Meturau and Ekenasio both good enough to start in any ANZP side.

      Imports:  Unlike some others, I don’t want the ANZP to be NZ players only.  I think Potgeiter and Agbeze are good enough to be in the league, but surely there is some talent from the SL that can be lured over.

      Mystics:  Need a cleanout of coaching staff after several years of underperformance.  The Maria-or-nothing game plan just doesn’t work, and Mes did not take the leadership at GS you would expect.  Year after year of recruiting unbalanced, defence heavy teams needs to stop.

      Other players who I think should move as they could be good enough to start: Reuleu-Buchanan, Coughlan and perhaps Amani.



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