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  • Ian Harkin
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    Sunday Aryang – WA
    Lucy Austin – SA
    Ruby Barkmeyer – VIC
    Reilley Batcheldor – QLD
    Chelsea Blackman – SA
    Gabby Coffey – NT
    Jemma Donoghue – NSW
    Sophie Dwyer – NSW
    Georgie Horjus – SA
    Clare Iongi – NSW
    Matisse Letherbarrow – NSW
    Matilda McDonell – NSW
    Annie Miller – NSW
    Hannah Mundy – VIC
    Tyler Orr – SA
    Maddie Ridley – VIC
    Amy Sligar – NSW
    Allie Smith – VIC
    Mia Stower – QLD
    Emma Walters – VIC
    Molly Watson – SA
    Tayla Williams – SA

    February Camp Invitees:
    Nyah Allen – SA
    Leesa Mi Mi – QLD

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    Surprised to see Nyah Allen as one of the invitees and not as a squad member. I would have her in the best 4 shooters.

    There is a lack of depth in this team at GS and WA.

    The 12 I’d pick would be

    M Letherbarrow, N Allen, S Dwyer, G Horjus
    A Miller, H Mundy, T Williams, A Smith
    M McDonell, C Blackman, S Aryang , C Iongi

    Most shooters in this squad seem to be GA’s. Letherbarrow and Lucy Austin seem to be the only two GS’s (and I haven’t seen much of either). looks like a rotating circle is the way they are heading.

    strong team but is still 5-10 goals off NZ I think.

    Ian Harkin
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    The people who matter (selectors/coaches), don’t seem to have the same high opinion of Allen as a lot of fans do.

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    Comparing that team to a possible 12 for NZ.

    G Nweke, K Williams, S Tui, T Metuarau
    M Gordon, T Earle, R Savaiineaa, G Edgecombe
    P Lokotui, P Mason, T Fifita, N Waqaira

    NZ have 10/12 with ANZ contracts in 2021.
    AUS have 5/12 with SSN contracts (6 including Ruby Barkmeyer but I don’t have her in my 12).

    Elite caps are hard to count but I’d be surprised if the Aus team had more than 50 SSN caps. In comparison, the NZ side would easily have 200+ given that they have players such as Metuarau, Earle, Nweke and Gordon who have plenty under their belts.

    the cup is NZ’s to lose. Aus have probably been favourites to win the last 2 occasions so it will be interesting to see what happens when the shoe is on the other foot.

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    Whilst Horjus may well be selected as a shooter I suspect she may well be the starting WA in this team.

    Dwyer – Barkmeyer may well get a run as a moving circle. Whilst both now play more GA they can both play GS.

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    Where is Macy Gardner? Was she affected by the change of dates?

    I personally think Dwyer, Letherbarrow and Horjus are better than Allen. I haven’t seen Barkmeyer play but considering she got a Vixens contract she probably is as well. Allen needs to work on her speed, strength & conditioning and playmaking if she wants to transfer into an elite level GA. I still would have had her in ahead of Stower though.

    In terms of a 12, I’d pick the following
    Dwyer, Letherbarrow, Berkmeyer, Horjus
    Williams, Orr, Smith, Miller (although I haven’t seen many of the other midcourters play)
    Aryang, Iongi, McDonell and maybe Blackman? I don’t know really for the last defender

    I think Australia’s defensive three of Smith/Aryang/McDonell are actually better than the Kiwi defensive line but no one is going to come near Nweke/Metuarau/Gordon. I mean on a good day that lineup would beat the Australia (and NZL) Opens lineup.

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    Not sure if I’m even in the ballpark for this but Nyah Allen was a part of the SA pathway before joining Collingwood. She did not integrate into the Vic or Tassie Magpies pathway for U/21 and has not been involved in any of the pathway camps for either state due to her move as a TP being reasonably late. Due to lack of affiliation with either state, she was not really up for selection or other development opportunities that I have seen some other SA players be involved with. It’s a bit complicated. Still I would have her as one of the four shooters as Horjus has mainly played at WA for the Southern Force and other major national teams or competitions. She may play at GA but she can swing over which provides room for Allen’s inclusion.

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    Woulf also missing.

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    Allen was at the Melbourne U 21 Aussies camp. As a Collingwood TP she would have played for Tassie Magpies had there been an ANL. Being aligned to Collingwood Allen would never integrate to the NV Pathway that’s Vixens. Vixens TP are VIS scholarship holders which is a definite advantage they hold but insaying that Allen went to the hub with Collingwood this year.

    I agree with Alex I would have selected Allen over Stower. In saying this she has obviously been given a second chance as an invitee. But it would indicate she isn’t one of the favourites for selection.

    Alex, good pickup I had missed Gardner! Surely she would have been able to attend the Sunshine Coast camp with Byrne so perhaps didn’t perform?

    I also like your 12. I too am stuck on the 4th defender. I might be inclined to just go with 3 circle defenders knowing that Smith is likely to be the WD but could cover GD if needed. Orr could cover WD in the pool matches to rest Smith.

    The selectors have agreed with Vixens going for Barkmeyer and not Sacha McDonald. That will upset a lot on Twitter :whistle: Note I like McDonald but I do believe her future is at WA unless she dramatically increases volume (and maintains a high accuracy at the same time).

    WYC selection is always interesting when people haven’t seen players play. I remember when Geitz was plucked from ‘obscurity’ and put on an AIS contract mid year and joined Darters. So many fans were annoyed believing it was Emma Koster’s bib and I remember saying just wait till you see her play she is a gun. Well as they say the rest is history on that front.

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    Yes two notable omissions from the squad named earlier in the year are Macy Gardner and Sarahpheinna Woulf. Unsure if Woulf’s move to the Steel would have played a role in that?? With those two out, that leaves just two QLDers in the squad – neither who I think will get picked. Surprising given that Byrne is the coach.

    I like your 12 too Alex, I hadn’t thought much about Tyler Orr but we could well see her picked. And yes there is a lot of GA strength in the squad so maybe we will see Horjus picked at WA.

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    I wouldn’t pull the gun too early on an Aus/NZ final. England wouldn’t have a bad squad either looking at the young one’s coming through. If I were to pick an English squad, they’ll all have VNSL contracts as well.

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    For NZ U21s. Nweke, Earle, Tui, Gordon, Metuarau and prob Mason will all be in a starting 7 in the ANZ in 2021.
    IMO NZ are 10+ ahead of Aus.

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    I imagine Nyah is an invitee for a reason – some of the squad may not be released by their SSN teams? Nyah also qualifies for 19&U. Molly Watson is one to watch, more impressive than Blackman in my humble opinion!

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    Bit surprised with no Georgia Dent (not sure about age/date change)
    She won the MVP for the SA grand final. However one downfall of her is she is a WA specialist. Haven’t seen much of her at C

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    Allen is a TP not a contracted player at Collingwood so it would be unlikely that they wouldn’t release her to these commitments. Allen did attend the Melbourne camp.

    Allen is playing VNL with Casey Demons. Interestingly they also have Emma Ryde and Sacha McDonald. Perhaps it will be the commencement of McDonald’s move to WA on a more permanent basis. In turn would push Tayla Honey from WA to C where I think she is stronger.

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