Birds are liberation that never ends.

Birds are liberation that never ends.2019-10-31T22:28:49+10:00
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      Birds are liberation that never ends. But enjoying their company is also to know an inconsolable sadness
      Richard Flanagan

      The fairy penguins under my shack are gone, and soon the forty-spotted pardalotes and swift parrots will join them. Our children knew these birds; their children will not.

      Hello! I haven’t been around much – not really following the netball any more, although I was happy to see that the Swifts won last season. But I thought this article was beautifully written and its reference to pardalotes made me think of you all, so I thought I would share.

      Snappy new look too BTW. Cheers!

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        Hey, stick around, David. Or at least pop in from time to time!

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          Thanks Ian – there was a window a couple of years ago where we might have gotten into a bit more when my then 10 yr old started playing in the local Saturday afternoon association with some friends from school and some of her friends. I umpired a few games and my wife coached the team in their 2nd season and they won the grand final, and we went to a Giants game or two at the ICC.

          Unfortunately after the season end last year in Year 5 this friend stopped being a friend to my daughter: another girl in their friendship group influenced the others to eject my daughter from their circle. She had to make new friends and needless to say netball wasn’t on the agenda for this year. I’m really proud of the way my daughter handled herself throughout the experience after some initial mis-steps, I’m glad for the new friends she’s made at school and at church, and next year is high school and a new start. She’s already got to know some of the younger sisters of her older brother’s school friends and played soccer with them this year and had a really good time, so it looks like that’s going to be the sport she plays going forward.

          Like I said, I haven’t been following things very closely, but just from a distance it seems like the Australians have forgotten how to play against the zone, so I guess NNZ’s decision to revert back to their own domestic comp has worked out really well for the Silver Ferns, while the number of imports in the ANZC has really helped lift the standard of players in the countries where those folks are from, including giving England the experience to go along with the belief to win the last Commonwealth Games gold medal.

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