Caitlin Basset Podcast on Kayo (Freebies)

Caitlin Basset Podcast on Kayo (Freebies)2021-12-17T12:36:15+10:00
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      Has anyone watched or listened to the rather long podcast with Bassett on kayo Freebies?

      I actually only just signed up for freebies to listen to it.

      Some interesting comments throughout and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

      Some comments were:

      – Was offered a Swifts TP role but she declined it;
      – applied for a barista job in New York but she can’t get a visa at the moment;
      – Declined the contract option in NZ without any offers from Australian clubs being on the table. I know awhile back Bassett commented on Twitter that she didn’t expect a contract but I feel the way this point is discussed comes across as if she did have an expectation of a contract. Questions why the bottom 4 clubs haven’t changed their shooters and would keep the same.(My thoughts here – they all did change their shooting line ups! A shooting line up is not just the starting GS. Garbin joined Collingwood, Dwan joined TBirds and Samason and Austin at Vixens. To get the spot at F’Birds left by Dwan Bassett would have had to cover GA and I don’t think many people would see Bassett playing GA! Every club but Fever has had a change to their shooting lineup).
      – Is unsure if she will play Premier League in NSW as the lack of (?) body control may lead to injury (?).
      – Might look to train with men’s teams in Sydney;
      – Part of the reason for leaving Lightning to give Koenen court time, a move that massively back fired.
      – All of her rehab and surgeries are currently funded (presumably by NA?).

      Would be very interested in other people’s thoughts and interpretation of the interview.

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        I haven’t heard the podcast but it appears that one of her knee surgeries is causing issues. On her insta she says her blood is being taken to gain platelet rich plasma which is injected into her knee.
        It appears she decided to take the chance that she would gain a contract despite two dodgey knees – one that has backfired.
        I always thought that both she and Mentor left Lightning because of Noels taking the Ferns coaching job – wondered if there was pressure on them to do so from a higher power. IMO neither have shown the form they achieved at Lightning since they left.

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          I seem to recall that she said that she was leaving Lightning for Giants mainly for career development opportunities as she saw a lot more potential media openings in Sydney. Nothing was mentioned at the time of her supposed altruistic reason to give Koenen more court time.

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            I’m really disappointed she didn’t take the Swift’s TP opportunity. Quality team to train against. She’s effectively removed any remaining chance of a contract/Diamonds return. Sorry to say but this seems to be it for her if she’s not willing to ply her trade overseas instead.

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