Caitlin Bassett makes her decision

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      Not Fitzgerald saying that her Diamonds captaincy has affected her the most?.

      Fitzgerald is a coach that has favourites. Harten was overrated and inconsistent this season. But she had to play every match??‍♀️. This will come back to bite her. If they don’t make finals/win next season, bye bye JFitz

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        Sack her right now I say! Clean out the SSN of the golden oldies and bring in fresh new coaches. She’s been around too long with little success.

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          Oh god, if I was in charge she would get the sack. Don’t blame your poor coaching choices on CBass being distracted by national duties. Not buying that to be the main reason for one second (even if it was something on Bassett’s mind sometimes which would be fair enough).
          So glad Fitzgerald isn’t the national coach (not sure if she applied but still) and I hope she has nothing to do with the Diamonds in the future. Once her contract is up Giants need to get rid of her. Playing favourites has cost them so badly. She is reluctant to make the decisions that need to be made. Like that defence end is going on three years now and it’s a problem, not to mention her reluctance to take Harten off and put Bassett on when Harten was shooting horribly. She should have kept her mouth shut, Bassett did open up about what went down but she was respectful about it and never placed the blame fully on Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald should’ve just kept her mouth shut. This just makes her look worse in my opinion but unfortunately to people who don’t know netball very well, they will buy every excuse in this article.

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            Also I find it tasteless that she implies Bassett wasn’t looking to improve and learn. she tries to imply that by talking about her admiration for Harten and how she only wants to coach players who are looking to learn and improve every season. Really poor coming from a coach. Please sack her right now Giants, she sets a really poor example as a leader in my opinion.

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              Oh dear first we had Fitzgerald’s comments about the Manu’a situation which showed complete failure to take any responsibility for how it played out and now this.

              Not sure Fitzgerald should be commenting on other team’s lists. How does she know what position they are in regarding signing a shooter.

              The love of Harten is quite sickening. She was average at times. A protected species.

              Majority of the 13 players were happy in the hub? From social media there were distinctly two groups of Giants players. Austin, Parmenter and Bassett were often absent. I really hope that Bassett didn’t feel left out or like she didn’t belong because that is a horrendous and suffocating feeling to have in a team. Other teams like Swifts and Vixens just appear so much happier on social media (through the player’s accounts).

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                100% agree Tully with all of that. Also, I really do think Bassett was very separated from the team towards the second half of the season, rarely with the rest of the team. A shame really, but I think her relationship with Austin was quite good.

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                  I really hope that Bassett didn’t feel left out or like she didn’t belong because that is a horrendous and suffocating feeling to have in a team.

                  Tully – listen to CBass on the Inner Circle Podcast and she definitely gives that impression! Seems she spent more time with the Lightning girls than Giants. I remember when Harten, Guthrie and Housby moved to Sydney at the same time there were never any pictures of them catching up which seemed odd that Roses on the other side of the world weren’t supporting each other. It was always Housby that seemed excluded which fitted with their on court chemistry for the first few years they played together for England.

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                    That’s so sad to hear but at least she had Lightning friends to spend time with. Can’t imagine how hard that would’ve been, especially in huh life where you’re not able to see your family and all you really have is your teammates.

                    Re Housby, I remember bringing that up on this forum a few years ago when the SSN started and was always surprised that although the three English players were in one state the two from Giants never caught up with Housby, I always though Housby and Harten didn’t get along, but they do seem to get one better now when I watch them on court playing together. I wonder what Harten and Bassett’s friendship is like…

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                      I was willing to come to that article with an open mind but man oh man JFitz is bitter, and somee of her comments were straight up nasty.

                      “CBass [Bassett] has had pressure on her lately as the Diamonds captain and as the shooter and the fact that the Diamonds haven’t been that successful for the last few years,” she said. “That has been a heavy weight on her shoulders.”

                      Reads as if she is slightly bitter about not getting the Diamonds coach role…

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                        What a piece of nasty work Fitzgerald is. CBass is highly thought of by NZ Netball fans.
                        She will get a warm reception in every stadium she plays in next year.

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                          She needs to go. She was once a great coach.

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                            I think Housby was only fully included in the English gang once she won them the Gold Medal at Commonwealth Games. I wouldn’t have necessarily said she was on the outer, but since she became the golden girl of English Netball with the Red Bull sponsorship it seems like her relationships within the group have gotten stronger and the respect for her has lifted. Obviously this is all speculation coming from the outside, but it’s just the impression I’ve gotten from social media. Before it seemed more like she was one of the supportive players, now she’s one of the stars.

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                              Never use social media as a guide/proof of relationships. Anyone whose been divorced can tell you so much of what people post is fake happiness.

                              People seem to be against coaches having favourites (that’s never going to change) but on the other hand expect the Diamonds captain to just be able to walk into any club she chooses. Surely that’s a bit contradictory.

                              There are two sides to this story and both seem ugly, and the public certainly isn’t getting the whole truth. It’s clear that whatever was going on affected all the Giants shooters, and probably the whole team.

                              It’s all done now, roll on 2021. Hopefully Giants will have a better season, and CBass will enjoy a change of scenery and the whole netball world logging in to watch her play ANZP.

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                                That was an interesting interview, I really hope her experience is everything she hopes for and more. Like her or not, there’s no doubt that she’s an absolute legend of the game and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out for her in the ANZP. The Magic have experience throughout the court now with Fakahokotau, Kara and now CBass!

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                                  I think maybe CBass’s competitive nature, may have rubbed certain players, the coach and management the wrong way.

                                  A competitive person would not be afraid to speak their mind, if it benefits the team. For example, she has said she wanted to build a combination with Keira Austin. I could see how that would have rubbed Jo Harten up the wrong way. I feel she would have challenged some of Julie Fitz coaching decisions, which wouldn’t have been taken very well.

                                  In her interview on the Inner Circle, she was asked about the culture within both the Lightning and Giants teams. She spoke about the closeness of Julie Fitz and the past Magic players. Also mentioned how certain standards were not lived up to.

                                  In Julie Fitz defence – she is very much respected by some of the greats of the game. The obvious ones are Liz Ellis, Coxy, Pettit, Green, Bulley and Gilsenan. And then in NZ you have Kopua, LDB and Grace Kara.

                                  Sometimes it’s “not what you say, but how you say it”. I would say that CBass would say things, exactly how it is….which being the relatively new person (so to speak) to the team, may not have been taken too kindly.

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