Caitlin Bassett says she’ll play for free to keep her SSN career alive

Caitlin Bassett says she’ll play for free to keep her SSN career alive2021-10-15T17:32:51+10:00
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        Not to sound heartless, but this reads as attention seeking. If she wants to keep playing as a training partner, great! If she does want the gig, she should just go do it. I don’t think she is winning herself favours with SSN teams by encouraging the media to paint it as an incredible sacrifice. I don’t think this is enticing any team to add her to the roster and I would love for her to pause and take the high road when it comes to not being signed (as much as I know it must hurt).

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          Yeah it is interesting then why she turned down the 2nd year with Magic? I think someone before suggested maybe the pay grade with the players that came in, but if she really is willing to play for scraps then she should have staid at Magic then and she did seem to enjoy her actual time and treatment in NZ. Or is a possibility Magic said no to the second year? Not sure how that sort of contract works. And surely she could’ve gone to Vitality league if she really wanted to.

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            I read that she turned down a second year at the Magic. I think it was in the Magic’s farewell statement to Caitlin.

            There has to be more to it than what we are reading i.e. Was she told that if she was part of the Diamonds squad for CG that she needed to be residing back in Australia? Given NZ border and quarantine policy there was no chance of her popping back over to Australia for training camps prior to this coming seasons end.

            I guess we’ll never know but imo it would be best for her to just quietly get on and decide what she is going to do, then announce it.

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              Move on CBass. You gave up the option of a 2nd year at the Magic, (Ekenasio and Mes are much better options anyway)

              Maybe be should have just stayed at the Lightning in 2019. And all this crap would not have happened.

              We will never fully know why CBass, Mentor and Kelsey Browne, all did a runner from the Lightning.

              But we can all guess that it was because Dame Noels became Ferns coach, Noels was only supposed to coach the Ferns, until the end of the 2019 world cup. Noels had no intention to be Ferns coach after the WC, it came as a surprise to most.

              CBass going to the Giants was one of the stranger moves in SSN history. It was never going to work, with the egos of Harten, CBass and others, plus Julie F’s coaching.

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                @McLeod, absolutely agree it was because Noels was coach. Maybe the idea that if they remained under her it was going to be detrimental to their respective WC teams.

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                  I guess she’ll just have to go to a club and hope that one of the GS specialists in the competition gets injured. It would be crazy if Fowler, Wallam and Bassett all ended up at Fever. I think she might head to the Swifts though, she’d be great cover for them if Wallace needed to miss a match. Vixens could also be a good option, as realistically they could bring her in if any of their shooters got injured considering how mobile Samason, Kumwenda and Austin are.

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                    I agree McLeod – leaving the Lightning to go to Giants of all clubs was the strangest SSN move so far – career suicide. It was never going to work. I see it happen in my work all the time. A person is a big figure in their company and believes its all because of them, they move out on their own thinking all the clients will follow and that it will be the same or bigger and it never ever is….

                    I agree completely with Liz – if she was better than the incumbent GS clubs would be offering contracts

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