Calypso Girls Train Amongst Mosquitoes, Pigeon Droppings

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    Calypso Girls in need of some infrastructure and funding it seems.



    “It’s easy for many to talk from the outside and not understand the conditions we have to prepare under.”

    He pointed out that one of the issues is, players have to dip into their pockets to represent the red, white and black.

    “Recently, players had to pool their monies to purchase water for practice sessions. Though frustrated by the situation, they have put that aside and are now focussed on getting to the World Cup,” said Gomes.

    He said, “Not qualifying for the Commonwealth Games shook them. It had an effect on their psyche and what it did, was made them hungry to want to win the upcoming qualifiers.”

    Demming-Gittens while warding off mosquitoes with a lit “cork set” perched by her feet, indicated that the players and staff are stepping up to help themselves and are hoping for support from the public.

    “Right now, we’re working on raising funds for simple things such as water, and transportation for the players. We’ve players from as far as Manzanilla, Toco and Tobago and they need assistance to get to and from practice, and for medical purposes too. We have players with injuries that need care and attention,” explained Demming-Gittens.

    She continued, “To help cover some of these expenses, we are planning a cake sale in San Fernando once we get the approval from the mayor. We’re looking to sell t-shirts highlighting the netballers and also start a GoFundMe account for anyone wanting to contribute. Once we can get the small things, this will help encourage the players.”

    The multi-purpose court is not in the best condition and is in dire need of repairs to the locker rooms, bathrooms and the toilet facilities.

    Asked about the training facility at the Jean Pierre Sports Complex where the team is based for practice Demming-Gittens said, “Here is plagued by holes. There are no other facilities available. The court is laden with pigeon stool and mosquitoes are reeking havoc.”



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