Chelsea Pitman retires from netball

Chelsea Pitman retires from netball2024-06-04T17:11:42+10:00
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        Wishing you all the best xxx

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          Love the GS bib from Sydney Swifts days. Go well Pitman.

          Does that mean any further Giants injury/illness in the midcourt Crampton will be the replacement in the game day 10?

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            I reckon Gina will be at the Stars.

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              What a career! Getting gold at WC & CWGs representing 2 different countries. Winning a SSN, ANZC & was she apart of the Swifts when they won any CBT championships?
              An athlete, that whenever an opportunity arose, she grabbed it with two hands and gave it her all.

              A very unique type of WA where she was a taller and very strong/powerful mover. Very different to the traditional style.
              I remember when Sharelle McMahon got injured before the 2011 WC. Plummer pulled Pitman in, and said they had to change their style. That attack end of NVB Pitman Medhurst and CBass was a game changer.

              IMO England became a true threat when she got picked up as their WA. It was an area of the court they were struggling. Having her, I reckon, upped the standards for someone like Nat H. Who eventually took over that position.

              Hope retirement treats her well!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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