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    This is from new member “Floating Centre”…


    Hello All! New to this thread/ Forum, so please do redirect me if I’m shooting in the wrong D!

    I’m an experienced netball player and done a fair bit of coaching over the years, but I’m not sole coach for a women’s BBN team in Scotland.

    I’ve got a couple of questions and hoping for some wisdom!

    -General question; I’m still struggling with numbers- getting about 10 per week, fine to go ahead, but never had 2 full sides. I’ve tried local social media, posters, radio, newspaper, have attended a Christmas fair event, chatted to folk… anyone had a major breakthrough with recruitment or have any tips and tricks?! Other local teams are doing ok, so I’m sure there is a demand out there. Local high school doesn’t have a team.

    -Specific question- any drills for ‘headless chickens’? I have a player who has been with me for a year, half decent otherwise, but a red mist descends when she gets the ball and she just lobs it anywhere. I’m close to snapping. Any suggestions for drills/ advice?

    -Similar vein- my lot are super nice (a few local teams are super rough and competitive) so tend to back off, run away from the ball. Any specific drills for embedding the need to run onto the ball??

    Thanks in advance!


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