Diamonds selection – any changes from performance half way through the SSN

Diamonds selection – any changes from performance half way through the SSN2018-06-23T20:05:50+10:00
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      Following on from a misguided, off tangent discussion on a NZ thread about whether there’ll be any changes to the GA position for the Diamonds, I thought I’d ask the question more broadly:

      Would you make any changes to the CWG Diamonds team?

      Here’s who’s playing for the SSN teams in each position, listed in order of where their SSN team is on the ladder after the first half of the season. (This is in no way apportioning responsibility for the position on the SSN ladder being the responsibility for any particular player!!!!).

      * players in the CWG team.

      # expressed an interest to not be considered (I think!)

      ? as they play in that position on occasion


      GS: Pettitt ?, Brice, CBass *, Thwaites *

      GA:  Medhurst, Pettitt *, Tippett, Phillip, Wood*, Bell #, Hodges, Latu-Meafou

      WA: Medhurst ?,  Colyer, Green #, Nevins, Hadley, Proud, Watson *, Browne, Robinson *,

      C: Charles, Mi Mi, Cassidy, Proud, Moloney, Watson *, McAuliffe, Sherian, Ravillion *, Petty, Brice

      WD: Anstiss, Eagland, Price, Simpson *, McCulloch, Ingles #, McAuliffe, Brazill, Petty

      GD: Bulley #, Hincliffe, Turner, Weston *, Brandley *, Fowler, Shimmin

      GK:  Bruce*, Poolman , Manu’a, Geitz*, Klau, Mannix, Layton, Shimmin

      Will whoever is picked in those 2 series later this year also be in the team for the WC next year, or will there be another change?

      Comments could include thoughts on who’d be in the squad for upcoming internationals. sorry, can’t remember who was in the squad – Mannix, Moloney, Brazill, Tippett are a few I think I’ve remembered correctly. Maybe Medhurt, but don’t think so.


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