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      Watching and reading comments I just feel the need to add my ‘tuppence’ worth.

      Many of the England Roses, the Aussie Diamonds & (with exception of one player) the Silver Ferns NZ players have been playing & training Netball flat out since the beginning of this year:)

      Starting in Jan with the 2017 Quad 2nd series, followed by SSN & ANZ, interrupted by CWG, back to SSN & ANZ (not forgetting the UK Superleague) then the 2018 Quad 1st Series, followed by the CC down under and the Jamaica Series in Caribbean for the Roses followed by Uganda series in UK.

      SERIOUSLY when do the girls get DOWN TIME, no wonder there is a drop off in standard and a few hiccups with some games. I say the players but that has to take into account the National coaches as well, (Constant stress and pressure to get it right), not that I’m either a LA nor TN fan but it must be mentally tough for all parties concerned.

      EG:) Thank God with the Jamaica Series that Geva, Jo & Serena are having a break their bodies must be at breaking point, 6 weeks away from a netball court (but not the gym). It is also giving others court time and showing up ‘jinks in the armour’ that must be bringing a few headaches.




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