Emily Mannix returns, Rahni Samason misses out

Emily Mannix returns, Rahni Samason misses out2021-06-10T20:53:20+10:00

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    NB12 I understand what you are saying but how is playing Samason detrimental to their mental well-being? As if getting whooped by 20 goals is going to be good for their well-being. You can’t tell me that Kumwenda, Moloney, Mundy etc haven’t looked 10x more alive and HAPPY over the past two weeks.

    Having a hard conversation and dropping one player probably isn’t great for that one player’s well-being but for the overall team performance, morale and well-being I think its still a no brainer.

    Honestly baffled at this decision from Simone.

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    Yes, I get everyones points too. I suppose I see it as potentially putting a lot of pressure on Samason, when that may not lead to the results they want either. The GA position isn’t their only issue.

    But I agree, this definitely needs to be addressed by the club, I just feel they might be giving it another few weeks before letting it blow up.

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    I think the Vixens are giving their signed shooters a chance to show that they can step up, in reality, these are all new combinations and they’ve played only four rounds before Samason was brought in. Vixens have had some great success the past few years so I can see why it’s also frustrating for fans (because Samason is clearly performing better than the two shooters on the bench) but the reality is, they’ve signed these players and they’ve decided to give them a fair opportunity to show if they can step up. Vixens aren’t making finals anyways so I would think that they give it a few weeks and see how it goes, if nothing has changed then I assume they’ll make the tough call then.

    I also agree that the pressure the situation might put on Samason could be counterproductive, especially since the shooting circle isn’t the only problem.

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    Mannix back out and Rahni is in. Can’t say I’m mad about it. Should be a great game.

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    I think Vixens fans are happy to take the losses if we see the team building for the future. Finals are impossible in 2021 so let’s prepare for 2022. Samason will be offered a contract in 2022 whereas right now I don’t think either Stanton or Barkmeyer would be. Whilst I agree that the shooting circle is not their only problem I don’t see that as a reason to not fix it. Fix what you can. MJ has played her best alongside Samason as has Mundy. Let’s get Smith on at WD. Samason shooting and Mundy to continue to grow. Bring Watson back in 2022 and with the recruitment of a 3rd shooter (who is a more traditional GA) and 2021 has not been a waste.I should point out that I like Barkmeyer as a player and if Watson was at WA I think she would be going a lot better. Let’s remember she made the Aussie squad for WYC ahead of both Sacha McDonald (not selected) and Nyah Allen (Invitee). But watching her play I can’t help but feel she was promoted a year or two too soon. They need to help preserve her confidence so she can flourish in time. Whether giving her court time or not is the way to do that I am not sure.

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Forums Australia Emily Mannix returns, Rahni Samason misses out