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  • Bluebird
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    Stacey Francis!!!

    Ian Harkin
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    Summer Artman
    Eleanor Cardwell
    Jade Clarke
    Kadeen Corbin
    Sophie Drakeford-Lewis
    George Fisher
    Stacey Francis
    Natalie Haythornthwaite
    Laura Malcolm
    Gabriella Marshall
    Natalie Panagarry
    Razia Quashie
    Kate Shimmin
    Fran Williams

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    Nice team, looks like a few players are resting up so it will be good for England to have this opportunity to blood some more players or at least give some of them more experience.

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    So excited to see Stacey Francis back in the Roses squad.

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    Thirlby will confirm the structure of the leadership team over the course of the squad’s next two camps.

    Interesting that she has chosen Kat Ratnapala as her assistant, wonder who she will choose going forward. Looks as though Tania and Colette might be out. I know who I would chose as her assistant going forward. You need the best for England

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    Interesting team.
    I guess this means the reason Stacey wasn’t playing for England is finished… interesting!!
    Glad to see her back in the team though she brings experience to the defence end.
    It’s a shame Housby isn’t included but I guess it’s been a long year for her.

    Interested to see how Shimmin does!

    Very intrigued by the Kat Ratnapala inclusion? Her team haven’t exactly had success recently?
    I would like to see Sonia Mkloma (sp?) or someone that doesn’t have a head coach role longer term to get the job. I think Sonia would work well also being based in Aus she’d have a lot more access to the girls playing in the Suncorp.

    I do worry about this team though against SA.
    Have they said when they’ll announce their team? I’m assuming it won’t include Pretorious and Mweni. As they’ve had a long year.

    I guess this series is also a trial for who will get picked for the January series.

    Ian Harkin
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    I’m loving it :-)

    Welcome back Stacey Francis.

    Artman and Marshall are training partners so where is Jodie G ??

    The squad is a lot stronger than i thought it would be.

    I agree with the comments about Kat Ratnapala. I also believe Colettes time was up. I would like to see Sonia and/or Tania in an assistant role.

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    guess this means jade Clarke is going to Captain England or will jess throw a surprise and name Natalie haythornwaite England Captain. Tamsin did say that she is a future Captain. Kat is good friends with Jess so that is why she is a helping her out. Interesting to see who comes in and is the Assistant Coach and Performance Coach. Would love to see Tamsin but don’t think it would happen could it be a former player like Ama Agbeze.

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    Kadeen Corbin…….sigh 😣

    Ian Harkin
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    Going to be very interesting to see how that shooting end stacks up.
    Haythornthwaite – although she will probably be used at WA.

    Ella Clarke not included.

    Could be a Proteas series win against England A. If Maweni and Pretorious are playing that shooting end will crumble like a stale cracker.

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