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    So here’s something to think about, if you were to pick a squad of 12 athletes from SSN to take to the World Cup, who would you take and why? It includes all athletes playing in SSN; internationals, players who have retired internationally, and doesn’t take into account injuries etc.

    Here is who I would have in my team:


    Jhanielle Fowler, Caitlyn Thwaites, Gretel Tippett, Helen Housby.

    Folwer is the best GS in the world IMO, as is Tippett the best GA. Thwaites would provide a different dynamic in the circle if Fowler was finding it hard in the circle. Housby is a great GA and can also play GS to change up the circle to incorporate more movement.

    Midcourt: Kim Green, Liz Watson, Laura Langman, Ash Brazill

    Liz Watson is such a strong WA and can cover C quite well too, she can no doubt can burn any opponent she is on. Kim Green brings a bit more speed and flair in than Watson, to offer a different approach to the position, she is also brings a bit of flair which can lift a side. Langman brings that defensive C option, as well as being an amazing option at WD too. Her through court transition is so important to a side and she is must for this team. The last position is a little harder, Ash Brazill is an amazing WD, potentially the best at the moment but Ingles also is great and is much more of a shut down player, and is incredible useful with her long arms to set up the defence end. In the end I chose Brazil because one of the defenders I’ve chosen can swing into WD to do a similar role as Ingles would provide.

    Defenders: Jo Weston, Karla Pretorius, Geva Mentor, Shamera Sterling

    Jo Weston is a shut down defender, as opposed to Pretorius who is much more of a intercept machine. Weston can also swing into WD if needed for some longer arms, and to shut down a WA. Mentor and Sterling are the easily the best GKs at the moment, Sterling has such a strong aerial game while Mentor is a lot smarter in her defence and go out for a fly for pocket balls a bit better.

    Thats my squad, what does everyone else think, I would be very interested to hear, just to fulfil some of my fantasies :biggrin: :biggrin:

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