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  • Andrew Kennedy
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      What single thing can totally revolutionise a team or a player in this year’s league?

      I think that Romelda Aiken actually getting shots in, rather than missing and rebounding. She doesn’t have the cool “zone” of shooters like Harten, she’s always assumed she can get the rebound but she should just get it in – and maybe from a bit further out. If she can do that, Firebirds will streak back to the front. (Of course they also need their junior centre court and defence to step up).

      I also think that Shamera Sterling for Thunderbirds, if she has developed her strength (mostly in legs), she will be able to take off faster and those near misses or deflections will become even more intercepts. (Of course, they need a solution for their shooting end).

      What does anyone else think?

      I apologise that this is essentially for Australia, but if anyone wants to talk about NZ or England leagues, go ahead!

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        No one’s noticing her but I believe this year we’ll see Ine-Mari Venter shine!!! The girl is very talented and her long shots are underrated. I’m also looking forward to Jodi-Ann Ward of the Magpies and how she’ll insert herself in the team. I expect to see Alice Teague-Neeld improve with her shot and maybe instill more confidence in herself.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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