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      …is going to sit out the 2020 Super Netball season after announcing she’s pregnant.

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        NOOOOOOOOO. I mean yay, and congrats to Gretel great news, but NOOOOOO she was the best player for Firebirds. Sadly I dont think they will get off the bottom of the ladder. On the bright side, this would be the best season to sit out of any. I wonder who Firebirds will get to replace her (crosses fingers for Ekenasio)

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          My first thought was oh man this is awful for the firebirds!! Do you just hand them the wooden spoon now?
          I don’t know their training partners, who will be brought in?
          Imagine if they could get Ekenasio ??? That would be insane but I think she loves life in NZ to even consider it.
          Happy for Gretal though and she’s still young with plenty of seasons ahead of her

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            So who is going to play GA for the Diamonds now.
            Silver Ferns are likely to play some sort of series after the ANZ has finished, so chances of getting any NZ player
            are very slim. Latu-M is a option, since she went there last year, after the anz.

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              Congrats Gretel.

              Australia really need to expose some young talents anyway. So this is a good opportunity for one of them. Surely no import needed here.

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                Wow, great news! I think Tippah Dwan will be elevated from training partner to the team and either Teagan or Austin will replace Gretel in the Constellation Cup series.

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                  A bit left field suggestion, but Erin Bell to the Firebirds. Know she has retired. But would be playing with Aiken and is good at the long bombs?
                  I would like to see a new young player. Not sure who is available though.

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                    Kalifa McCollin may be getting a call

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                      Someone stuck in Australia…. Georgia Marshal

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