Helen Housby to sit out round 9

Helen Housby to sit out round 92020-08-31T19:21:07+10:00
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        Good opportunity for Garbin. She’s been getting better at GA, it’s just the decision-making under pressure she needs to improve. We might see a bit of Haythornthwaite in Goals again which would add a bit of speed.

        Housby seems to really struggle with tissue injuries. Her hamstring injury last year, two corks this year. She also had an issue in her first Swifts season. I’m not sure how that can really be improved.

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          Unfortunate for Housby. She’s such a slight frame so any soft tissue issue is going to do more damage to her than most players. Adding muscle mass will help but at the end of the day it comes down to body composition so there’s not a lot she can do.

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            Good opportunity for Garbin. That girl is talented and deserves more court time!

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