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      From Netball NZ
      Profile of Joan Harnett (NZ), player of the tournament https://www.silverferns.co.nz/silver-ferns/history/players/joan-harnett.html

      Radio interview

      From the NZ Herald
      World Beating Silver Ferns – PERTH 1967 https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=10474864

      Joan Harnett-Kindley was the original glamour girl of New Zealand netball, but there was far more to her than met the eye. Her aesthetics and athleticism led the sport into a new era. When New Zealand claimed its first world netball title in Perth in 1967, Harnett – as she was then – turned the crucial match against Australia with her peerless shooting. The Cantabrian, New Zealand’s premier netballer, was the official player of the tournament, contested by eight teams in a round robin.

      These were days when snippets of local netball tests might be squeezed in at half-time during the televising of club rugby, and Harnett says there was no coverage from Perth. “Our win was very obscure and women got very little recognition in sport then. It was my passion to sort that out,” she says. The national team had to raise some of their own funds. “Once we took our raffle tickets down to the Lyttelton wharves on pay day, all the pretty young girls in the team,” she says. “We picked up quite a bit of money that day from the wharfies. I had to keep an eye on the team, though, to ensure everything was A1.”

      Netball’s amateur code didn’t help and could, quite literally, shoot itself in the foot. Footwear providers Skellerup wanted Harnett in television commercials. Netball said it was the whole team, or none at all. A shot of Harnett’s unidentified shoe-clad foot was used instead. “I should have written JH on my shoe. The rules were absolutely pathetic,” she says. “I was a pioneer and I had a bit of God-given luck (looks-wise). I could achieve things for netball because of that. I got netball extra recognition which I was very pleased about.”

      Harnett had been in the 1963 side, which, after six weeks of boat travel, contested the first world tournament in England, where they lost by a point to Australia. A core of the 1967 team was spurred on by that loss. They were fighting fit in Perth after a 10-day build-up in Christchurch, including sessions with a national rowing trainer. One Perth report declared that Harnett’s “five glorious goals in rapid succession” got New Zealand home by 40-34 after they trailed Australia by one going into the last quarter. Harnett says interceptions by team mates were the basis for victory.

      The young Harnett was a bank worker who practised shooting in lunch breaks. She became a real estate operator, and now lives in Wanaka with her husband Don Kindley. Harnett-Kindly, 64, is out of the real estate business, but on the licensing board. Tennis is her active sporting love, although netball remains her passion.

      “Perth was a great coming together of countries and people. I still correspond with players from the other teams,” she says. “It seems a long time ago, and yet I can see it all in my mind’s eye. When you win a world championship for the first time, you never forget. That team was as good, if not better, than the 1987 team. If they had played each other, it would have been the best game of netball ever.”

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        From Netball FAN on YouTube. Apologies for the scrunched up nature of the footage.

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          Profile of NZ coach Taini Jaimison from Netball NZ

          From Sky Sports NZ

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            From Netball NZ

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              From Suzanne McFadden
              When they were Queens – the 1967 world champion Silver Ferns reunite https://www.newsroom.co.nz/@lockerroom/2017/09/12/47425/when-they-were-queens-the-1967-world-champion-silver-ferns-reunite

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                  1971 – 3RD WORLD TOURNAMENT (KINGSTON, JAM)

                  Strangely, the 3rd World Tournament in 1971, actually began in late December 1970, with some matches being played on New Year’s Eve. Australia, led by Gaye Teede (who was Gaye Walsh at the time) and coached by Wilma Shakespear eventually went on to take out their second title with a 48-42 victory over New Zealand.

                  Also noteworthy was the performance of third placed England, who only went down to the Aussies by one and the Kiwis by two, giving people a taste of what they may do four years later.

                  A notable absentee from the tournament was the South African team. They had finished third in 1967, but were now on the outer because of their government’s Apartheid policy. South Africa’s world cup absence would last until 1995.


                  From nwc2015.com.au

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                    1st – AUSTRALIA
                    DELANEY, Terese
                    GOLLAN, Margaret
                    GOLLAN, Stella
                    MERILLO, Elsma
                    PYATT, Ricky
                    ROUTLEY, Noela
                    SIDEBOTTOM, Cheryl
                    SIMPER, Annette
                    WALKER, Anne
                    WALSH, Gaye (Captain)
                    Coach: Wilma Shakespear

                    2nd – NEW ZEALAND
                    HARNETT, Joan (Captain)
                    KING, Nancy
                    LANGROPE, Shirley
                    MAIR, Lorraine
                    MCKAY, Olwyn
                    NORMAN, Sandra
                    PALMER, Coral
                    VERCOE, Tilly
                    WALKER, Brenda
                    WEBSTER, Frances
                    Coach: Taini Jamison

                    3rd – ENGLAND
                    DAY, Judi
                    DEWHURST, Sally
                    DUDGEON, Pat
                    HEATH, Judy
                    HICKEY, Cathy
                    KELLY, Elizabeth
                    MILES, Anne (captain)
                    PERCY, Carol
                    REES, Rita
                    SCOVELL, Linda
                    SMITH, Eunice
                    WATSON, Pat
                    Coach: Mary French

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                      COMPETITION FORMAT:
                      9 teams playing each other round robin.

                      Australia’s matches:
                      Aust 47 v Jamaica 21
                      Aust 70 v Northern Ireland 9
                      Aust 96 v Bahamas 4
                      Aust 43 v Trinidad & Tobago 27
                      Aust 71 v Scotland 16
                      Aust 87 v Wales 8
                      Aust 38 v England 37
                      Aust 48 v New Zealand 42
                      (8 wins, 0 losses)

                      New Zealand’s matches:
                      NZ 61 v Scotland 17
                      NZ 90 v Northern Ireland 12
                      NZ 108 v Bahamas 10
                      NZ 42 v England 40
                      NZ 83 v Wales 21
                      NZ 47 v Trinidad & Tobago 33
                      NZ 52 v Jamaica 32
                      NZ 42 v Australia 48
                      (7 wins, 1 loss)

                      England’s matches:
                      Eng 61 v Trinidad & Tobago 27
                      Eng 88 v Bahamas 7
                      Eng 44 v Jamaica 30
                      Eng 40 v New Zealand 42
                      Eng 94 v Northern Ireland 13
                      Eng 37 v Australia 38
                      Eng 72 v Wales 12
                      Eng 76 v Scotland 10
                      (6 wins, 2 losses)

                      FINAL PLACINGS:

                      1. AUSTRALIA – 16pts
                      2. New Zealand – 14pts
                      3. England – 12pts

                      4. Jamaica – 9pts
                      4. Trinidad & Tobago – 9pts
                      6. Scotland – 6pts
                      7. Wales – 4pts
                      8. Northern Ireland – 2pts
                      9. Bahamas – 0pts

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                        From ournetballhistory.org.uk

                        Opening ceremony

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                          From Netball Australia

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                            From ournetballhistory.org.uk

                            England team

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                              Profile of Australian captain Gaye Walsh… http://wais.org.au/other/hoc_detail.php?id=51

                              Gaye Teede rates captaining the triumphant Australian team in the 1971 World Netball Championships in Jamaica as the finest hour of her long and distinguishing career. The agile centre/ wing attack played a dominant role in helping Australia to regain the world crown from New Zealand and as a result was named Western Australia’s Sportsman on the Year by the WA Sports Federation.

                              She also derived great satisfaction from returning to the Australian team in 1978 after taking a seven- year’s break from netball to raise a pair of twins and discovering that her ball-handling skills and court-craft were still as good as ever. Her comeback was so convincing that she was named vice captain of the Australian team which contested the 1979 World Championship in Trinidad and finished in a three-way tie for first place.

                              As Gaye Switch, she first represented WA at under-16 level in 1961 and was picked in the state senior team in 1963, the first of many occasions where she earned All-Australian selection. As a teenager she combined netball with track athletics, showing talent as a sprinter. Her natural speed and finely-tuned reflexes made her difficult to counter on a netball court. She was driving force in the state team when WA won the Australian Championships outright for the first time in Adelaide in 1969.

                              A serious knee injury in 1979 World Tournament ended Gate Teede’s playing career. Since then she has continued to serve netball at state and national level as a coach and selector. She won Sports Australia awards as coach and national titles with under-21 teams in 1986 and1988. In 1999 she returned to WA to coach the Perth Orioles in the National Netball League.

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                                  “An immense sense of achievement and pride”: Teede recalls ’71 World Netball Tournament


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