If I had to pick a Silver Ferns team tonight

If I had to pick a Silver Ferns team tonight2021-07-05T21:18:28+10:00
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  • worsie
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      IMHO Metuarau has been pumped up by the media.
      Everyone loves a fairy tale mother/daughter story, but she is not nearly as relaxed and competent as Williams….

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        Williams is not ready for Ferns. Definitely has the potential. But she does need to get regular court time first, and then build from there.

        I don’t agree about Metuarau being pumped up by the media. She is playing good consistent netball each week…………if she’s getting “pumped up” it’s because of the work she’s putting out on court, nothing to do with her mother.

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          I would have agreed with Worsie until a couple of weeks ago, but the last two games have shown that Metuarau can step up and take on more goaling load if/when needed.

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            So… my ferns team currently is:

            Nweke, Wilson, Metuarau and Selby Ricket (Mes as back up)
            Crampton, Saunders, Poi, Winders (Toeava as back up)
            Watson, Fitzpatrick, Burger and Tong (my bolter) (with Jury or Temu as back up.)

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              Despite our various predictions. Of all the players, I think Wilson is the only lock in shooter. Crampton and Saunders absolute lock ins. Watson, Fitzpatrick and Burger.

              It will be a great team regardless with Noeline. I wonder if we will be able to take a big squad like Diamonds did?

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                GS: Nweke
                GA: Wilson
                WA: Crampton
                C: Poi
                WD: Elley
                GD: Burger
                GK: Fitzpatrick

                Bench: Watson, Saunders, Hume, Winders,

                On another note, am I the only one who just doesn’t see it with Faulkner?

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                  Falkner, there is no u in her last name. And Monica has been injured and seriously lacking game time, has prob only played 8min of ANZ in the last 2 years.
                  But yes I’m not sold either.
                  Jane Watson is a far better GK than Fitzpatrick at Ferns level, I’d love to have Charlotte Elley in my team, but Noels won’t select her.

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