Interesting article in the West Australian news

Interesting article in the West Australian news2018-06-26T14:43:26+10:00
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      I can’t find it online (we get the paper paper delivered!) but here is the gist…

      Medhurst has been interviewed by the reporter about this weekend and whether it will be a ‘grudge match’ and she denies this but goes on to say ‘she wouldn’t hesistate to stand up for her teammates again after having words with Collingwood defender Sharni Layton’

      it then goes on to talk about how it unfolded, including Robinson’s apology.

      Then she is quoted as saying ‘There’s a lot that’s happened since that game… they are a different team from then as well, particularly with Sharni, who was probably at the centre of that incident. They’ve come a long way’

      ’im going to stick up for my teammates and I’ve got no problem speaking to a player. I’ll also pull my players in line if I think they are doing something a bit undisciplined and not in the spirit of the game’


      interesting To hear Medhurst discuss the incident like this- and mention it! No one else seemed to give any detail…! And I love hearing her call it ‘my’ team!!!

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