Is Casey Kopua unique?

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    She’s brilliant, and determined and scares the bejeezus out of oppositions…….

    But it is another characteristic that I am thinking of while watching her play her last home game for Magic: I cannot think of another long term legend of the game who has played every game for the one team. The closest would be Geitz, who played 169 for Firebirds, and Wendy Frew who played all of her career with Sting/Steel (although not at the stellar level of Kopua and Geitz).

    Back in earlier days it was rare and remarkable to move teams, but these days it is the norm, so that is what makes Casey’s journey even more remarkable.

    So, using the criterion of national caps 25+ and ANZ/SSN/VSNL caps 150+ is there any current (or recently retired) player who has had her entire journey at the one club?

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