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      Bit of a fun iso activity to cure some of the boredom. Pick the 2022 Comm Games teams for Aus , Nz and England. Speculate as much as you like! Would be cool to look back in 2 years and see who got the closest! Feel free to add in Jamaica and South Africa, I just don’t know enough about their up and comers to pick teams.

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        I’ll go first

        Koenan, Tippett, Wood, Austin
        Watson, Hadley, Price, Eddy
        Jenner, Weston, Bruce, Klau

        *Kelsey Browne may also be in the mix. Ash Braz too if she recovers well. I think Aus will go with 2 viable WD options from now on, Lisa’s strategy of just having one didn’t seem to work. Bassett will be there too, if she decides to keep playing till 2022.

        Wilson, Nweke, Ekenasio, Falkner
        Toeava, Souness, Poi, Burger
        Fowler, Sok-B, Karaka, Faka,

        *Kelly Jury could also be in the mix. 4th shooting spot very much a guess for me.


        Fisher, Cardwell, Housby, Drakeford-Lewis
        Haythornthwaite, Malcolm, Guthrie, Allison,
        Guscoth, Williams, Oyesola, Quashie

        *Would LOVE to see Mentor in this team, but I’m not sure what her intentions are. They really need a viable GK option because this fantasy defence line is untested, thats where Thirlby’s work needs to be done over next 18 months. In Guthrie’s recent interview it seemed like she will come back so I’ve got her in the team (which is great news).

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          Sounds fun, let me have a go. Great initiative Waylay.

          Glasgow, Wood, Bueta, Austin
          Browne, Watson, Hadley, Price,
          Weston, Bruce, Klau, Turner

          *I chose Glasgow over Koenan. Hadley will be my second WD. Brazill and Cbass if they’re still around.

          New Zealand
          Wilson, Ekenasio, TPSR, Nweke,
          Crampton, Souness, Poi, Saunders,
          Burger, Karaka, MSB, Fakahokatau

          *IDK Some of them might be retired. Maybe Jane Watson might still be there.

          Fisher, Cardwell, Drakeford-Lewis, Housby,
          Haythornethwaite, Carter, Malcolm, Guthrie,
          Guscoth, Williams, Quashie, Shimmin
          *Sounds like Guthrie might still be around and IDK much about Allison so I chose Shimmin.

          South Africa
          Potgieter, Stoltz, Burger, Venter,
          Griesel, Chawane, Van der Merwe,
          *Need one more midcourt and 3 more defenders. Rademann might also be GA.

          Nelson, Beckford,
          Dixon, Thomas, Ward, K Williams
          Sterling, Facey, Dehaney, V Williams
          *Need two more shooters

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            Nweke Wilson Ekenasio Dunn
            Poi Souness Burger Langman
            Watson Fakahokatau SB Karaka
            Langman to play one more?highly unlikely so I’ll put Saunders there for experience off the bench


            Austin Koenen Wood Bueta
            Watson Brazil Price Hadley
            Klau Bruce Turner Weston

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              I don’t see the Ferns team changing much, it’s only 2 years away.
              Shooters Wilson, Ekenasio, Te Pea, Mes.
              Mid court. Souness, Poi, Crampton, Charlotte Elley
              Defenders Watson, Burger, Karaka, Kate Burley.

              Players like Nweke are light years away form making the Ferns. If Dame Noels stays as coach, she isn’t going to have a stand by the post GS.

              I doubt Jane Watson is going anywhere, she is a later bloomer in Netball and the mainstay in the D circle.

              Temalisi IMO will need to do massive work to be a Fern again.

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                Australian midcourt depth is so strong and it feels like there’s always new faces who make big improvements and find themselves in the team. Have a feeling Proud might come back strong, she would surely have made the Diamonds this year if not for her injury.

                Koenen, Wood, Glasgow, Tippett (Bassett for Glasgow if she’s still around)
                Proud, Watson, Moloney, Simpson
                Weston, Klau, Bruce, Mannix (I actually prefer Bruce at GD, would play her there ahead of Weston until she stops throwing away ball).

                Ekenasio, Wilson, Dunn, Latu-Meafou
                Earle, Poi, Souness, Winders
                Sokolitch-Beatson, Burger, Watson, Fakahokotau

                I don’t really know enough of the younger players from ENG and JAM to make a prediction, but both would surely be dangerous if they kept some of their experienced. It still feels like when (if) Jamaica finally gets those C/WA/GA positions firing consistently they’ll be tough to stop, especially now that their defensive depth is excellent.

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                  Latu Meafou. Interesting

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                    She seems to have improved a lot over the off-season, I thought she played really well against the Swifts in the pre-season match. She adds some creativity that I think is missing for most of the top GAs in NZL.

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                      Good idea!
                      Eng: Jo Harten, HH, SDL and George Fisher
                      Serena, Nat H, Amy carter and Imogen Allison
                      Geva (I do think she’ll be there!!), Guscoth, Williams and Quashie.

                      I think Oyesola could easily be there as a WD/GD slide, Ellie Cardwell could be there too and Jade Clarke Luke be there as she’s voiced she wants to be and she does seem amazingly fit but she’ll be pretty old by then.

                      NZ: Ameliaranne, Maia Wilson, TPSR (I don’t see anyone else coming through that would be ready for this spot? And Mes (who seems to flourish under Noeline). Would be amazing to see Nweke or ALM but I’m not sure they’ll be ready.
                      POI, Souness, Langman and MSB (Crampton, Winders and Saunders could all easily be there too)
                      Temalisi, Burger, Jane Watson and Karaka. (I’m not sure about Kelly Jury but maybe she could).

                      Aus: Glasgow, Bueta (G Tip), Wood and C Bass (Although i’d like her to stand down from international and let Koenen have her place.
                      Watson, JLP, Parmy (long shot but I love her) and Proud. (Although would love to see Braz and Simpson)
                      Bruce, Weston, Klau and Turner

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                        I’ll try the Diamonds team but mid-court then shooters were the hardest. I can’t see the defence end changing too much unless you have the QLD Firebirds pair of Hinchliffe and Jenner bolting but I think there needs to be more structure and cleaner/disciplined play from them first (and consistent performances against taller GS/GA combos)

                        Bueta, Wood, Garbin, Koenen
                        Watson, Hadley, Moloney, Simpson
                        Klau, Turner, Weston, Bruce

                        I would also like to see Austin, Glasgow, Brazill, Ravaillion (return to form and a recall into the squad as a mum like Bulley/Ingles), Price, Proud and Mannix and Man’ua considered with the mid-court being the hardest to balance.

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                          I also really like Parmenter and Eddy! So much depth!

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                            I haven’t been following England and NZ that much this year. If you had have asked last year I could’ve done their teams. I’ve gone over the limit for even just Australia but this is who I think will be in contention
                            For Australia:
                            Bueta Glasgow Koenan Garbin/Austin

                            Watson Hadley Proud/Mimi Parmenter/Simpson

                            Klau Bruce Weston Jenner/Turner/Eddy

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                              I’ll just do an Aus as I’ll get stuff wrong elsewhere!

                              Shooters: I think Bassett will retire so I predict
                              Bueta, Koenan, Wood, Garbin

                              Mid court: Watson, Browne, JLP and Parmenter (she’ll make it!)

                              Defence: Bruce, Weston, Klau and Turner although maybe Jenner for Turner?

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                                Actually I think Austin over Garbin but I wouldn’t be surprised to see either really stamp all over their selection… and Wood would be the one to go if I’m honest or injury could put her out. She seems to fight to niggles a lot…

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                                  It’s interesting to me how many people have Kelsey Browne!! Anyway, after ANZP and a bit of SSN, some players have really stepped up.

                                  Shooters: Koenen, Bueta, Austin, Wood
                                  Midcourt: Watson, Proud, Brazill, Parmenter. I could very easily see players such as Nankivell, Fraser and Jovic really push their way up, but it’s too early to tell.
                                  Defence: Jenner, Eddy, Bruce, Klau

                                  New Zealand
                                  Shooters: Wilson, Dunn, Ekenasio, Metuarau
                                  Midcourt: Reuelu-Buchanan, Gordon, Poi, Langman
                                  Defence: Burger, Sokolich-Beatson, Watson, Fakahokotau

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