Jo Harten retires from international netball

Jo Harten retires from international netball2023-04-24T20:08:16+10:00
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      Do we know the severity of Hartens injury? I hope she is fit enough to make a comeback for giants.

      When brutea comes back into the diamonds, I wonder if there will be a spot for Glasgow, I can see her potentially pushing out Koenan.
      I just hope SM has a talk with Glasgow on where she stands as a diamond, if not I can totally see her playing for England!! At least she’ll get more court time.

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        I meant if Harten were to retire sarahk90. Dywer plays GA like a GS so a circle of Dwyer/Austin would work very well and be one of the strongest circles in the competition in my opinion. But Austin may choose to stay in Melbourne, I think it probably depends more on off-court relationships rather than on-court.

        I would also like to see Letherbarrow get more court time. She was great at TGC but hasn’t been given the opportunity to build on it. The same for Bell. If she doesn’t start getting more opportunity and Giants retain Harten/sign an International next year, she should look to move to another club. Even if she was sitting behind players at other clubs, she would get way more court time at say the Swifts or Firebirds.

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          Oh wow! Glad she could make the call but I can’t help thinking the injury at the weekend has forced it and she’s either out for the rest of the season or the injury means she can’t continue at International level.

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            If Harten is forced to retire early from ssn, or retirees at the end of the season. Would love to see Mvula get a shot, could they buy her out of her pulse contract early?!! She would work great with Dwyer and get the court time she deserves, not like how she’s been treated in SSN.

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              I think the injury is the impetus for the announcement, but I thought this had been coming for a while. Harten just hasn’t been putting out great performances for England lately and I don’t think she would get picked to go to WC even if she didn’t retire. Housby, Cardwell, SDL and Tchine would be a stronger combination IMO.

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                netballgirl – do you mean PULSE’s treatment of Mvula, not SSN? There’s lots of talk that she’s not performing well in training and when she does come on for Walmsley she’s not firing on court. Sad story.

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